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                                                                    Kirwan Magdamo
                                                                    Lead Project Engineer
                                                                    701 East Joppa Road, Towson, MD 21286
                                                                    T (410) 716 3563 F (410) 716 2961


RE: Modular Approval Requirements of FCC 15.212

We confirm that the following requirements apply to this device:

   1) The radio elements have their own shielding;
   2) The module inputs, if present, are buffered modulation/data inputs to ensure that the device will
      comply with Part 15 requirements under conditions of excessive data rates or over-modulation;
   3) The module contains its own power supply regulation;
   4) The module contains a permanently attached antenna, or will contain a unique antenna connector,
      and will be marketed and operated only with specific antenna(s), per §§ 15.203, 15.204(b),
   5) The module complies in a stand-alone configuration;
   6) The module will be labeled with its permanently affixed FCC ID label, or use an electronic display
      (see KDB Publication 784748);
   7) The module must comply with all specific rules applicable to the transmitter, including all the
      conditions provided in the integration instructions by the grantee;
   8) The module complies with RF exposure requirements.


          Kirwan Magdamo
          Lead Project Engineer
          Stanley Black & Decker

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