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NXP Semiconductors
3501 Ed Bluestein Blvd
78721 Austin —Texas

To:        Federal Communications Commission
           7435 Oakland Mills Road
           Columbia, MD 21046—1609

           Curtis—Straus LLC TCB
           One Distribution Center Circle, #1
           Littleton, MA 02702

Re:        Confidentiality Request


This letter is to comply with 47 CFR 0.457(d)(2) and 0.459 pertaining to confidential
material. NXP Semiconductors requests that the following documents regarding this
submission for FCC ID XXMINS189M16 be kept confidential:

      1.      Schematics
      2.      Block Diagram
      3.      Part List
      4.      Operational descriptions

The material above contains technical data, which would customarily be guarded from

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