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  FCC ID: XXMJN5189M16

             Prediction of MPE limit at a given distance

  Equation from page 18 of OET Bulletin 65, Edition 97-01
                   4pR 2
  where:    S = power density
            P = power input to the antenna
            G = power gain of the antenna in the direction of interest relative to an isotropic radiator
            R = distance to the center of radiation of the antenna

      Maximum peak output power at the antenna terminal:                20,37    (dBm)
      Maximum peak output power at the antenna terminal:          108,8930093    (mW)
                                      Antenna gain(typical):                2    (dBi)
                                   Maximum antenna gain:          1,584893192    (numeric)
                                        Prediction distance:               20    (cm)
                                       Prediction frequency:             2405    (MHz)
MPE limit for uncontrolled exposure at prediction frequency:                1    (mW/cm^2)

                     Power density at prediction frequency:           0,034334 (mW/cm^2)

                          Maximum allowable antenna gain:         16,64269855 (dBi)

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