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NXP Semiconductors
3501 Ed Bluestein Blvd
78721 Austin —Texas

                                                              To: Curtis—Straus LLC TCB
                                                                  One Distribution Center Circle, #1
                                                                   Littleton, MA 02702

                                  Limited Modular approval letter

Dear application examiner,

NXP Semiconductors, would like to have your authorization as a modular approval on the
JN5188—001—M16, JN5188T—001—M16, JN5189—001—M16, JN5189T—001—M16 modules, with
FCC ID: XXMJINS189M16 and IC: 8764A—JN5189M16. The requirements of CFR 47 part
15.212 and RSP—100 part 5.3 have been checked and shown in the following statement,
Modular transmitter requirement                                       Yes     No    Comment
                                                                                    The host equipment (including
                                                                                    power supply system) still
(i) The radio elements of the modular transmitter must have their                   needs to re—contfirm that the
own shielding. The physical crystal and tuning capacitors may be                    whole system complies with
located external to the shielded radio elements.                                    both intentional and
                                                                                    unintentional emission
(ii) The modular transmitter must have buffered modulation/data
inputs (if such inputs are provided) to ensure that the module will
comply with Part 15 requirements under conditions of excessive
data rates or over—modulation.
(ii) The modular transmitter must have its own power supply
{iv) The modular transmitter must comply with the antenna and
transmission system requirements of Sections 15.203, 15.204(b)
and 15.204(c). The antenna must either be permanently
attached or employ a "unique" antenna coupler (at all
connections between the module and the antenna, including the
cable). The "professional installation" provision of Section 15.203
is not applicable to modules but can apply to limited modular
approvals under paragraph (b) of this section.
(v) The modular transmitter must be tested in a stand—alone
configuration, i.e., the module must not be inside another device
during testing for compliance with Part 15 requirements....
{vi) The modular transmitter must be equipped with either a
permanently affixed label or must be capable of electronically
displaying its FCC identification number.

If the FCC ID is not visible when the module is installed inside
another device, then the outside of the device into which the
module is installed must also display a label referring to the
enclosed module. This exterior label can use wording such as
the following: "Contains Transmitter Module FCC ID:
XXMIJN5189M16" or "Contains FCC ID: XXMJINS189M16" The

§o=t_——~    —   :          e    F              s
 exact wording is not specified in our Rules (since modules are
 not specifically addressed), so you may use similar wording
 which expresses the same meaning.
 (vii) The modular transmitter must comply with any specific rules
 or operating requirements that ordinarily apply to a complete
 transmitter and the manufacturer must provide adequate
 instructions along with the module to explain any such
 requirements. A copy of these instructions must be included in
 the application for equipment authorization.

 (vili) The modular transmitter must comply with any applicable
 RF exposure requirements in its final configuration.

 (Shall provide a detailed explanation if the answer is "No.")

 The module shall comply with the provisions for external power
 amplifiers and antennas detailed in the applicable RSS standard.
 The equipment certification submission shall contain a detailed
 description of the configuration of all antennas that will be used
 with the module.
 The module shall comply with applicable RSS—102 exposure
 requirements, which are based on the intended
 Is the modular device for an Industry Canada license—exempt
 (Shall provide a detailed explanation if the answer is "No.")

 Rita RogalewSki
Authorized Signatory

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