Elite Atlas Aero - User Manual Update Letter-signed


Attestation Statements

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To: TUV Rheinland of North America

This letter is to inform you that Turtle Beach Corporation will update the user guide for
the Elite Atlas Aero RX/TX with the following statements:

   1. Removal of any warnings about using different antennas or contacting Turtle
      Beach Corporation for a list of approved antennas
   2. Removal of statement – to ensure compliance the RSS102 RF exposure
      requirements this deice must be installed in a location such that the antenna of
      the device will be greater than 2 cm away from all persons. And will be
      replaced with this statement - The device meets the FCC and IC RF exposure
      rules due its low RF output power and radiation when used as intended

The manual will be updated and a copy provided to TUV Rheinland within 30 days (by
September 23, 2019.


Tim Blaney
Compliance Manager
Turtle Beach Corporation

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