Declaration of authorization


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                                                                                            RF_160, Issue 04

Declaration of Authorization

Name:                    Fanstel Corporation, Taipei
Address:                 10F—10, No. 79, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsi—Chih,
City:                    New Taipei City 221
Country:                 Taiwan

Declare that:

Name Representative of agent:              ............. M
Agent Company name:                       International Standards Laboratory Corp.
Address:                                  No. 120, Lane 180, Hsin Ho Rd., Lung—Tan Dist.,
City:                                     Tao Yuan City 325
Country       _                           Taiwan.

is authorized to apply for Certification of the following product(s):

Product description: Bluetooth 5.0 Module
Type designation:     BT680OF, BTG680T, BT680E
Trademark:            Fanstel
Validity/ expiry date

on our behalf.

Date:                    05/23/2019

City:                    New Taipei City

Name:                    Paudy Tung

Function:                Engineer

                  /MM /% [ 4

(1): Required for FCC application
(2): For FCC it must be the Grantee Code "owner" or the authorized agent.

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