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                           RF Exposure report

The Equipment Under Test (EUT) is a AX3 operating at
917.00-922.20 MHz. The EUT is powered by rechargeable battery
(DC 18V, 10050mAh) which can be charged by 1.8A/115V
AC~1.0A/230V AC. For more detailed features description, please
refer to the user’s manual.

Type of Modulation: GFSK
Antenna Type: Integral Antenna
Antenna Gain: 0 dBi
The nominal radiated output power (e.i.r.p) specified: 12dBm
(Tolerance: +/- 3dB)
The nominal conducted output power specified: 12dBm (Tolerance:
+/- 3dB)

The maximum conducted output power for the EUT is 12.78 dBm in the
frequency 917.00MHz GFSK mode which is within the production variation.

The minimum conducted output power for the EUT is 12.70 dBm in the
frequency 922.20MHz GFSK mode which is within the production variation.

According to FCC Part 2.1091, this unlicensed transmitting device is
categorically excluded from routine environmental evaluation for RF exposure
prior to equipment authorization or use,

For Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) evaluation of the product, the
maximum power density at 20 cm from this transmitter shall be less than the
General Population / Uncontrolled MPE limit in FCC Part 1.1310.

The maximum EIRP= 12+3=15 dBm=31.6mW
The source-based time averaged maximum radiated power = 31.6 mW x Duty
Cycle = 31.6mW

From above data, the exposed power density at a distance (R) of 20cm from
the center of radiation of the antenna can be calculated according to OET 65
as follow:
= PG/4πR^2
= EIRP/4πR^2 = 31.6/ 4πR^2
= 0.006 mW/cm^2


The MPE limit is 0.6 mW/cm^2 for general population and uncontrolled
exposure in the WiFi frequency range according to FCC Part 1.1310. As the
measured power density at 20cm from the transmitter is lower than the MPE
limit, the compliance to the MPE limit can be ensured by indicating the
minimum 20cm separation between the transmitter's radiating structure and
body of the user or nearby persons.

Transmitter Duty Cycle Calculation
The EUT transmit continuously during the test, the duty cycle is 100%.

The following RF exposure statement or similar sentence is proposed to be
included in the user manual:

“FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement Caution: This Transmitter must
be installed to provide a separation distance of at least 20 cm from all



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