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     Modular Transmitter Approval Request

    Federal Communications Commission
    Equipment Authorization Division
    7435 Oakland Mills Road
    Columbia, MD 21046

    Company name: Alereon, Inc.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In accordance with 47CFR 15.212 Modular Transmitters and KDB 996369 DO1 ‘Module Equip
    Auth Guide v02‘. FCC ID USYAL5934, U9YAL5930, U9YALS955 have been examined against
    the following requirements.

     _ Requirementper15.212 and KDB 996369 D01

                                                                           normal operation is accomplished by
                                                                           the multi—layer construction of the
                                                                           printed wiring board which
                                                                           incorporates multiple ground layers in
                                                                           its construction. As this transmitter is
                                                                            designed to operate stand—alone in
                                                                            its own enclosure, connected to an
     The radio elements must have the radio frequency circuitry             industry—standard USB 2.0 interface,
     shielded. Physical components and tuning capacitor(s) may be           compact flash interface, or serial
     located external to the shield, but must be on the module              interface, no additional shielding is
     assembly.                                                              incorporated to minimize coupling
                                                                            such as may occur if the module
                                                                            were incorporated into another unit.
                                                                            In addition, a tamper proof coating
                                                                            will cover a majority of the module,
                                                                            making it impossible to adjust any of
                                                                            the RF parameters. This firmware is
                                                                            locked down with a strict requirement
                                                                            not to allow any changes.
                                                                            The Alereon modules receive data
                                                                            via the industry—standard USB 2.0
                                                                            interface, the compact flash
     The module must have buffered modulation/data inputs to ensure
                                                                            interface, or a serial interface. All
     that the device will comply with Part 15 requirements with any type
     ofinput signal.                                                        interfaces are implemented within
                                                                            the AL5350 integrated circuit as may
                                                                            be seen on the schematic diagram
                                                                            included in the filing for FCC

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                                                                                           Electronic Letterhead

                                                                         Equipment Authorization. These
                                                                         interfaces limit the data rate to those
                                                                         defined by their standards
                                                                        The Alereon modules receive power
                                                                        from the host system. The +5.0 Volt
                                                                        or 3.3V source from the host system
                                                                        is regulated on the module to power a
                                                                        +3.3V domain and
                                                                        the main +1.2V digital subsystem
                                                                        domain. The +3.3V domain is also
The module must contain power supply regulation on the module.          regulated on the module to produce
                                                                        two additional power domains
                                                                        required by the module circuitry;
                                                                        +2.4V and +1.2V. The power
                                                                        regulation topology may be seen on
                                                                        the schematic diagram included in the
                                                                        filing for FCC Equipment
                                                                        The antenna of the Alereon UWB is a
                                                                        chip antenna as tested in the report.
                                                                        The antenna can be connected via a
                                                                        40mm coaxial cable with a type U.FL
The module must contain a permanently attached antenna, or              connector. The antenna is intended
contain a unique antenna connector, and be marketed and
operated only with specific antenna(s), per §§ 15.203, 15.204(b),
                                                                        to be permanently attached to or
15.204(c), 15.212(a), 2.929(b).                                         within the product housing and the
                                                                        connector is not accessible to the
                                                                        user. The U.FL connector complies
                                                                        with the requirement of FCC
                                                                        15.203 for a unique coupling.
                                                                        As described in the test report
                                                                        included in the filing for FCC
                                                                        Equipment Authorization,
                                                                         the UWB Modules plus antenna were
The module must demonstrate compliance in a stand—alone                  tested without a housing. For the
configuration.                                                           tests reported the module was
                                                                         attached to an Alereon designed test
                                                                         environment which provided power
                                                                         and a USB interface to the
                                                                         controlling computer.
                                                                        The Alereon modules are intended to
                                                                        be placed within the host system
                                                                        enclosure unique to the brand
The module must be labeled with its permanently affixed FCC ID
                                                                        1.D. of the host system. The
label, or use an electronic display (see KDB Publication 784748).
                                                                        prescribed label with the FCC
                                                                        Identifier will be included in the
                                                                        compliance statement..
                                                                        Part 15.519 of the FCC rules and
The module must comply with all specific rules applicable to the        Regulations requires that a UWB
transmitter, including all the conditions provided in the integration
instructions by the grantee.                                            transmitter shall transmit only when it
                                                                        is sending information to an

1/2/2019                                            CONFIDENTIAL                                          2 of 3

                                                                             Electronic Letterhead

                                                           associated receiver. That rules part
                                                           also requires that the UWB intentional
                                                           radiator shall cease
                                                           transmission within 10 seconds
                                                           unless it receives an
                                                           acknowledgement from the
                                                           associated receiver that its
                                                           transmission is being received. An
                                                           acknowledgment of reception must
                                                           continue to be received by the UWB
                                                           intentional radiator at least every 10
                                                           seconds or the UWB device must
                                                           cease transmitting. This requirement
                                                           is met by design and is implemented
                                                           by the firmware encoded into the
                                                           An MPE evaluation has been
                                                           conducted and the part meets RF
The module must comply with RF exposure requirements       exposure requirements.

Name: David Shoemaker                       Date: 1/219

Title: CEO

Signature of applicant (/\'@‘W”J W

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