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                                                                                                           04 April 16

We: Telit Communications S.p.A.
Of: Via Stazione di Prosecco, 5/b 34010 Sgonico (Trieste) Italy

Request to apply for Modular Approval Request FCC (KDB 996369 D01 & Part 15.212)


And we declare that:

 Items to be covered by Single modular transmitters.                                       Answer from applicant
 1. The modular transmitter must have its own RF shielding.                                   Yes, it has its own RF
 2.   The modular transmitter must have buffered modulation/data inputs (if such inputs        Yes, it does have it.
      are provided) to ensure that the module will comply with Part 15 requirements
      under conditions of excessive data rates or over-modulation.
 3.   The modular transmitter must have its own power supply regulation.                                Yes

 4.   The modular transmitter must comply with the antenna requirements of Section          Yes, the modular transmitter
      15.203 and 15.204(b)(c). The antenna must either be permanently attached or                complies with these
      employ a “unique” antenna coupler (at all connections between the module and the              requirements.
      antenna, including the cable).

 5.   The modular transmitter must be tested in a stand-alone configuration, i.e., the      Yes, the modular transmitter
      module must not be inside another device during testing. This is intended to           was tested in a stand-alone
      demonstrate that the module is capable of complying with Part 15 emission limits              configuration.
      regardless of the device into which it is eventually installed.

 6. The modular transmitter must be equipped with either a permanently affixed label       Yes, the applicant agrees with
    or must be capable of electronically displaying its FCC identification number in                    this.
    accordance with 15.212 (a)(1)(vi)(A) / (B).

 7. The modular transmitter must comply with any specific rule or operating                  Yes, it can be seen in the
    requirements applicable to the transmitter and the manufacturer must provide              operational description.
    adequate instructions along with the module to explain any such requirements. A
    copy of these instructions must be included in the application for equipment
    authorization. For example, there are very strict operational and timing
    requirements that must be met before a transmitter is authorized for operation under
    Section 15.231. For instance, data transmission is prohibited, except for operation
    under Section 15.231(e), in which case there are separate field strength level and
    timing requirements. Compliance with these requirements must be assured.

 8.   The modular transmitter must comply with any applicable RF exposure                   Yes, the modular transmitter
      requirements. For example, FCC Rules in Sections 1.1310, 2.1091, 2.1093, and             complies with the RF
      specific Sections of Part 15, including 15.319(i), 15.407(f), 15.253(f) and             exposure requirements.
      15.255(g), require that Unlicensed PCS, UNII and millimeter wave devices
      perform routine environmental evaluation for RF Exposure to demonstrate
      compliance. In addition, spread spectrum transmitters operating under Section
      15.247 are required to address RF Exposure compliance. Modular transmitters
      approved under other Sections of Part 15, when necessary, may also need to
      address certain RF Exposure concerns, typically by providing specific
      installation and operating instructions for users, installers and other interested
      parties to ensure compliance.

                                                                                                              04 April 16

 Items to be covered by Split modular transmitters.                                            Answer from applicant
 1. The modular transmitter must comply with all requirements of a single modular
     transmitter except for items (1) & (5) of the above single modular approval

 2.   Only the radio front end must be shielded. The physical crystal and tuning
      capacitors may be located external to the shielded radio elements. The interface
      between the split sections of the modular system must be digital with a minimum
      signalling amplitude of 150 mV peak-to-peak.

 3.   Control information and other data may be exchanged between the transmitter
      control elements and radio front end.

 4.   The sections of a split modular transmitter must be tested installed in a host
      device(s) similar to that which is representative of the platform(s) intended for use.

 5.   Manufacturers must ensure that only transmitter control elements and radio front
      end components that have been approved together are capable of operating together.
      The transmitter module must not operate unless it has verified that the installed
      transmitter control elements and radio front end have been authorized together.
      Manufacturers may use means including, but not limited to, coding in hardware and
      electronic signatures in software to meet these requirements, and must describe the
      methods in their application for equipment authorization.

Note: A limited modular approval (LMA) may be granted for single or split modular transmitters
that comply partially with the requirements above.

Name and surname of applicant (or authorized representative): __________________

Date: May 09, 2019                                                Signature: Ken Bednasz

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