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            Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
                         Difference Declaration Letter for FCC

Article 1: Difference description:
The difference between model ELE-L04m and model ELE -L29m is show in the below


                 Model             ELE-L04m                 ELE-L29m

                                   FCC Band:
                                                            FCC Band:
                 LTE BAND                                   B5/B7/B12/B17/B26/B38/

                 UMTS BAND         the same                 the same

                 GSM               the same                 the same

                 IC                the same                 the same

                 Antenna           the same                 the same

                 NFC               the same                 the same

                 Bluetooth         the same                 the same

                 2.4G Wi-Fi        the same                 the same
                 5.8G Wi-Fi        the same                 the same
                 IC                the same                 the same

                 Antenna           the same                 the same

 Hardware        Ram / Rom         the same                 the same

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                 Camera                 the same                      the same

                 PCB                    the same                      the same

                 USB Port               the same                      the same

                 SIM                    one                           two

                 Hardware               the same                      the same


                                        The hardware channel of       The hardware channel of

                                        WCDMA B4 and LTE              WCDMA B4 and LTE

 RF              RF circuit             B2/4/7(include CA band)       B2/4/7(include CA band)

                                        is different, Irrelevant to   is different, Irrelevant to

                                        other frequency bands         other frequency bands

                 Dimension              the same                      the same
                 Color                  different                     different

                 Battery                the same                      the same

                 External Charger       the same                      the same
                 USB label              the same                      the same

                 Earphone               the same                      the same

The ELE-L29m/ELE-L09m and ELE-L04m is family models, the model ELE-L29m and

ELE-L09m are identical except for ELE-L09m support single SIM card which deleted by software.

Based on above details of model difference, some original data of FCC IC:QISELE-L04M

remains representative of FCC IC:QISELE-LX9M after engineering judgment, detailed

explanation of re-uesd data as below:

For SAR, new full test of UMTS Band IV, LTE B2/B4/B7. For the other frequency bands,

QISELE-LX9M shares the same test data of QISELE-L04M and is tested at the SAR worst case of

QISELE-L04M the re-used test data in QISELE-LX9M refer to QISELE-L04M Report

NO.SYBH(Z-SAR)20190401017001-2. For QISELE-LX9M, we only test ELE-L29m,

ELE-L09m is not tested. The metal of the ELE-L29m card slot is the same as that of the
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ELE-L09m card slot.

For RF, We performed new test for UMTS Band IV, LTE B2/B4/B7 and intra-band CA_2C/7C of

ELE-L29m/ELE-L09m. Based on the RF parameters and antenna matching of other parts are not

changed., other Bands we only test power(worst case) and RSE(worst case)in

SYBH(Z-RF)20190401022001-2001. Compared to QISELE-L04M, all deviations is within the

3dB range and all test results are under FCC Technical Limits. So other test data can refer to

NO.SYBH(Z-RF) 20190401017001-2001 of QISELE-L04M.

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