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Date: April 11th 2019

Ref: FCC Modular approval letter for FCC ID: QIPALAS5-W

To whom it may concern:

The following attestation addresses the fourth requirements to support modular approval:

       This device is designed for mobile or fixed operation; portable operation is subject to a
        Class 2 permissive change application or to a new and separate FCC ID.
       The maximum antenna gain is limited to the values calculated in the RF exposure
        exhibit for each mode/frequency band respectively.
       The product has a FCC ID label on the device itself. Also, the OEM host end product
        manufacturer will be informed to display a label referring to the enclosed module. The
        exterior label will read as follows: “Contains Transmitter Module FCC ID: QIPALAS5-W”
        or “Contains FCC ID: QIPALAS5-W”.
       We request to include in the grant the following words in the device description or
        grant notes: “modular transmitter” or “transmitter module”.

If there are any additional questions or if further information is needed, please contact us.


By:               Axel Heike
Title:            Certification Manager
Company:          Gemalto M2M GmbH
Telephone:        +49 3031102-8146
e-mail:           axel.heike@gemalto.com

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