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                           Request for Confidentiality for FCC

To:        MET Labs TCB
           914 W. Patapsco Ave.
           Baltimore, MD 21230

Re:        Confidentiality Request


This letter is to comply with 47 CFR 0.457(d)(2) pertaining to confidential material.
CommScope LLC requests that the following documents regarding this submission for
FCC ID QHY-S1000C be kept confidential:

      1.      Schematics
      2.      Block Diagram
      3.      Circuit/Technical Description
      4.      Parts List/Bill of Materials

The material above contains technical data, which would customarily be guarded from

Pursuant to Public Notice DA 04-1705, CommScope requests SHORT-TERM
CONFIDENTIALITY for the following information until <180> days after the grant date of
equipment authorization in order to ensure sensitive business information remains confidential
until marketing of the device:
       External Photos
       Internal Photos
       Test Setup Photos
       User’s Manual}
The reason for the short term confidentiality is such that photos, user manuals, and other
information contain customer specific information that our customer wishes to remain


Kevin Craig
Consulting Engineer Small Cells

250 Apollo Drive, Chelmsford, MA 01824 USA • Phone: 978-250-4455 • Fax 978-250-2721 •

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