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 [Date] January 23, 2019

 To whom it may concern,

                             Request for Permanent Confidentiality
                                Under FCC Part 15 Certification

                                       FCC ID: PKG18777RC

 Request is hereby submitted by MAY CHEONG TOY PRODUCTS FTY.LTD to withhold
 permanently from public review certain portions of the application for equipment certification for
 the referenced FCC identifiers. This request for confidentiality is made pursuant to 47 CFR §
 0.457(d) and 0.459 of the FCC Rules. In particular, the following sections of the application are
 to be kept permanently confidential and MAY CHEONG TOY PRODUCTS FTY.LTD reserves
 the right to discern which parties can obtain access to these information:

        Detailed Block diagrams
        Detailed Operational/Functional Description
 The rationale for request for confidentiality is as followings:

 This information represents intellectual property of MAY CHEONG TOY PRODUCTS FTY.LTD
 and it is subject to competition. We have invested considerable time and materials in research
 and development to produce the referenced product. Disclosure of the permanently confidential
 portions of this application to competitors would not only give them significant competitive
 advantages in developing similar products, but would also disclose successful implementation
 of unpublished, leading edge technology developed by us.

 If you have questions or need further information, please contact the undersigned.


fi]’/; son UA /9'/

  Anson Wang

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