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Calibration Laboratory of                                          wiltg,                                 S        Schweizerischer Kalibrierdienst
Schmid & Partner                                                                                          Cc       Service suisse d‘étalonnage
  Engineering AG                                                 I                                                 Servizio svizzero di taratura
Zeughausstrasse 43, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland                     44;{!/;\\\\>\                            S        Swiss Calibration Service

Accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS)                                                        Accreditation No.: SCS 0108
The Swiss Accreditation Service is one of the signatories to the EA
Multilateral Agreement for the recognition of calibration certificates

Client      UL CCS USA                                                                         Certificate No: AM1DV3—3083_Jan19

|' CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE                                                                                                                           |
 Object                               AM1DV3 — SN: 3083

 Calibration procedure(s)             QA CAL—24.v4
                                      Calibration procedure for AM1D magnetic field probes and TMFS in the
                                      audio range

 Calibration date:                    January 15, 2019

 This calibration certificate documents the traceability to national standards, which realize the physical units of measurements (Sl).
 The measurements and the uncertainties with confidence probability are given on the following pages and are part of the certificate.

 All calibrations have been conducted in the closed laboratory facility: environment temperature (22 + 3)°C and humidity < 70%.

 Calibration Equipment used (M&TE critical for calibration)

 Primary Standards                      ID #                      Cal Date (Certificate No.)                             Scheduled Calibration
 Keithley Multimeter Type 2001          SN: 0810278               03—Sep—18 (No. 23488)                                 Sep—19
 Reference Probe AM1DV2                 SN: 1008                  20—Dec—18 (No. AM1DV2—1008_Dec18)                     Dec—19
 DAE4                                   SN: 781                   09—Jan—19 (No. DAE4—781_Jan19)                        Jan—20

 Secondary Standards                    ID #                      Check Date (in house)                                  Scheduled Check
 AMCC                                   SN: 1050                  01—Oct—13 (in house check Oct—17)                      Oct—19
 AMMI Audio Measuring Instrument        SN: 1062                  26—Sep—12 (in house check Oct—17)                      Oct—19

                                        Name                                     Function                                Signature
 Calibrated by:                         Leif Klysner                           Laboratory Technician                      XQ%f;//z

 Approved by:                           Katia Pokovie                          Technical Manager                     W

                                                                                                                         Issued: January 16, 2019
 This calibration certificate shall not be reproduced except in full without written approval of the laboratory.

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[1]      ANSI—C63.19—2007
         American National Standard for Methods of Measurement of Compatibility between Wireless
         Communications Devices and Hearing Aids.
[2]      ANSI1—C63.19—2011
         American National Standard, Methods of Measurement of Compatibility between Wireless
         Communications Devices and Hearing Aids.
[3]      DASY5 manual, Chapter: Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) T—Coil Extension

Description of the AM1D probe

      The AM1D Audio Magnetic Field Probe is a fully shielded magnetic field probe for the frequency
      range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The pickup coil is compliant with the dimensional requirements of
      [1+2]. The probe includes a symmetric low noise amplifier for the signal available at the shielded
      3 pin connector at the side. Power is supplied via the same connector (phantom power supply)
      and monitored via the LED near the connector. The 7 pin connector at the end of the probe does
      not carry any signals, but determines the angle of the sensor when mounted on the DAE. The
      probe supports mechanical detection of the surface.
      The single sensor in the probe is arranged in a tilt angle allowing measurement of 3 orthogonal
      field components when rotating the probe by 120° around its axis. It is aligned with the
      perpendicular component of the field, if the probe axis is tilted nominally 35.3° above the
      measurement plane, using the connector rotation and sensor angle stated below.
      The probe is fully RF shielded when operated with the matching signal cable (shielded) and
      allows measurement of audio magnetic fields in the close vicinity of RF emitting wireless devices
      according to [1+2] without additional shielding.

Handling of the item

      The probe is manufactured from stainless steel. In order to maintain the performance and
      calibration of the probe, it must not be opened. The probe is designed for operation in air and
      shall not be exposed to humidity or liquids. For proper operation of the surface detection and
      emergency stop functions in a DASY system, the probe must be operated with the special probe
      cup provided (larger diameter).

Methods Applied and Interpretation of Parameters

«_    Coordinate System: The AM1D probe is mounted in the DASY system for operation with a HAC
      Test Arch phantom with AMCC Helmholtz calibration coil according to [3], with the tip pointing to
      "southwest" orientation.
«_    Functional Test: The functional test preceding calibration includes test of
      Noise level
      RF immunity (1kHz AM modulated signal). The shield of the probe cable must be well connected.
      Frequency response verification from 100 Hz to 10 kHz.
«     Connector Rotation: The connector at the end of the probe does not carry any signals and is used
      for fixation to the DAE only. The probe is operated in the center of the AMCC Helmholtz coil using a
      1 kHz magnetic field signal. Its angle is determined from the two minima at nominally +120° and —
      120° rotation, so the sensor in the tip of the probe is aligned to the vertical plane in z—direction,
      corresponding to the field maximum in the AMCC Helmholtz calibration coil.
a     Sensor Angle: The sensor tilting in the vertical plane from the ideal vertical direction is determined
      from the two minima at nominally +120° and —120°. DASY system uses this angle to align the
      sensor for radial measurements to the x and y axis in the horizontal plane.
Sensitivity: With the probe sensor aligned to the z—field in the AMCC, the output of the probe is
        compared to the magnetic field in the AMCC at 1 kHz. The field in the AMCC Helmholtz coil is
        given by the geometry and the current through the coil, which is monitored on the precision
        shunt resistor of the coil.

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AM1D probe identification and configuration data

    Item                        AM1DV3 Audio Magnetic 1D Field Probe
    Type No                     SP AM1 001 BA
    Serial No                   3083

    Overall length              296 mm
    Tip diameter                6.0 mm (at the tip)
    Sensor offset               3.0 mm (centre of sensor from tip)
    Internal Ampilifier         20 dB

  | Manufacturer / Origin     _| Schmid & Partner EngineeringAG, Zurich, Switzerland

Calibration data

Connector rotation angle       (in DASY system)       348.7°               +/— 3.6 ° (k=2)

Sensor angle                   (in DASY system)       =0.11 °              +/— 0.5 ° (k=2)

Sensitivity at 1 kHz           (in DASY system)       0.00739 V / (A/m)    +/— 2.2 % (K=2)

 The reported uncertainty of measurement is stated as the standard uncertainty of measurement
 multiplied by the coverage factor k=2, which for a normal distribution corresponds to a coverage
 probability of approximately 95%.

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