HAC RFE Test Report appendix D


Test Report

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Date: July 18, 2019

Federal Communications Commission
Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory Division
7435 Oakland Mills Rd.
Columbia MD 21046

Attn: Office of Engineering and Technology

HAC Attestation - FCC ID: BCG-E3305A           Model Name: A2160, A2216, A2217

To whom it may concern:

Apple Inc. hereby declares that the MIF values detailed below are based on worst case operating modes for all
air interfaces for which the HAC rating is provided based on the current methodology for determining MIF values.

        Reference Test report Number(s): UL Verification Services Test Report 12607346-S4.
                                             SPEAG test files
            UID                  Communication System Name                           MIF (dB)
         10021-DAC        GSM-FDD (TDMA, GMSK)                                        3.63
         10011-CAB        UMTS-FDD (WCDMA)                                             -27.23
         10295-AAB        CDMA2000 (1xRTT, RC1, SO3, 1/8th Rate 25 fr.)                3.26
         10170-CAE        LTE-FDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 20 MHz, 16QAM)                       -9.76
         10182-CAE        LTE-FDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 15 MHz, 16QAM)                       -9.76
         10176-CAF        LTE-FDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 10 MHz, 16QAM)                       -9.76
         10173-CAF        LTE-TDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 20 MHz, 16QAM)                       -1.44
         10061-CAB        IEEE 802.11b WiFi 2.4 GHz (DSSS, 11 Mbps)                    -2.02
         10077-CAB        IEEE 802.11g WiFi 2.4 GHz (DSSS/OFDM, 54 Mbps)               0.12
         10069-CAC        IEEE 802.11a/n WiFi 5 GHz (OFDM, 54 Mbps)                    -3.15
         10671-AAA        IEEE 802.11ax (20MHz, MCS0, 90pc duty cycle)                 -5.58


Abhishek Rala
Global Certification Manager
On behalf of Apple Inc

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