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                                                                                       Date: December 10, 2017

                                    Declaration of Change


     We, Verifone, Inc., hereby declare that we are only and fully responsible for this CIIPC

application of FCC ID: B32V200CP base on the grant issued on 08/31/2015.

     The major change is to upgrade the LCD into Touch Panel without any software change.

And a new model name V400c Plus is added regarding to this second source panel. The

source modification will ONLY be held by Verifone, Inc. and it is IMPOSSIBLE to be

changed by any other third party to affect the RF function, power, or rating of this device.

     Except for the changes mentioned above, no other modification is performed.

Should you have any question, please contact me directly. Thank you!


Don Perkins
                                          Digitally signed by Don Perkins
                                          DN: cn=Don Perkins, o=Verifone, Inc, ou=Director,
                                          Engineering,, c=US
                                          Date: 2017.12.10 15:01:03 -08'00'

Don Perkins
Director, Engineering, R & D
Verifone, Inc.
Tel.: 916-625-1833
Fax: 916-625-1800

             Verifone, Inc. | 1400 West Stanford Ranch Road Suite 200 | Rocklin CA 95765         | USA
                          (t) 916-625-1833 | (f) 916-625-1800 |

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