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Federal Communications Commission
Authorization and Evaluation Division
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046

Re: Request for confidentiality

To whom it may concern,

We hereby respectfully request that under the provision of 47 CFR 0.459 and 0.457(d) the
documents listed below and attached with this application for certification be provided with
confidential status.

    e    AirGlu module_Schematics.pdf
    e    AirGlu module_FCC and IC Operational and Technical Description.pdf
    e    AirGlu module_Frequency Block Diagrams.pdf

Any exhibit / information for which we have requested confidentiality, but which may not be
accorded such treatment by the FCC, should be returned to us.

The documents listed above contain trade secrets that are treated as confidential by us.
Substantial competitive harm to us could result should they be made available to the public.


   DocuSigned by:

  Poaul Seurrill

 Paul Scurrel]


Timecode Systems Limited, Unit 6 Elgar Business Centre, Hallow, Worcester, WR2 6NJ, UK

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