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                  Timecode Systems                                                           GENERATE. SYNC. SHARE

                8"" May 2019

                 Dear Application Examiner:

                [Timecode Systems Limited, AirGlu module, FCC ID AYV—AGLUO1] is seeking limited modular
                approval. The radio meets the requirements for modular approval as detailed in FCC 15.212.
                Compliance to each of the requirements is described below:

                     1.    "The modular transmitter must have buffered modulation/data inputs." The EUT has
                           buffered data inputs to insure compliance with Part 15 requirements under conditions of
                           excessive data rates or over—modulation. Please see the Schematics exhibit.

                     2.     "The modular transmitter must have its own power supply regulation." The EUT has its
                           own power supply regulation to insure compliance with Part 15 requirements regardless of the
                           quality or level of external DC supplying the module from the host unit. Please see
                           Schematics exthibit. Also, the technical report exhibit contains AC power line conducted
                           emissions data taken with the EUT powered from a linear power supply that contains no EMC
                           suppression components.

                     3.    "The modular transmitter must comply with the antenna requirements of Section 15.203
                           and 15.204(c)." The EUT meets the FCC antenna requirements. Please see Antenna
                           information exhibit and internal photos exthibit.

                     4.     "The modular transmitter must be tested in a stand—alone configuration." The EUT was
                           tested in an Atomos Atom X SYNC host system. Because of the lack of RF shielding over the
                           radio RF sections of the AirGlu module, this requirement will be met by pursuing limited
                           modular approval with specific host system instead of full modular approval. This Atom X
                           SYNC specific host system is shown in the External Photos. The SYNC X contains a
                           motherboard with a pass—through connector, battery charging circuit and its own Li—Polymer

                     5..   "The modular transmitter must be labeled with its own FCC ID number." The EUT is
                           labeled with its own FCC ID number. Please see FCC ID label & location exthibit. If the FCC
                           ID number will not be visible when the module is installed inside a host device, another label
                           with the FCC ID will be applied to the exterior of the host device.

                     6.    "The modular transmitter must comply with any specific rule or operating requirements
                           applicable to the transmitter and the manufacturer must provide adequate instructions
                           along with the module to explain any such requirements." The EUT is compliant with all
                           applicable FCC rules. Detail instructions for maintaining compliance are given in the User

                     7.    "The modular transmitter must comply with any applicable RF exposure requirements."
                           The EUT is compliant with all applicable RF exposure requirements. Please see RF Exposure


DocuSign Envelope ID: F9A4380B-E519-4DAA-93AC-52A874A9F3A3

                Please contact me if you have additional questions. Your attention to this matter is greatly

                Best regards,

                Paul Scurrell, CEO

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