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DATE : 2019.04.29

 Federal Communications Commission
 Authorization & Evaluation Division
 7345 Oakland Mills Road
 Columbia, Maryland 21046

 On our behalf, | appoint EST Technology Co., Ltd. Address:Chilingxiang, Qishantou,
 Santun, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China to act as our agent in the preparation of
 this application for equipment certification. 1 certify that submitted documents properly
 describe the device or system for which equipment certification is sought. | also certify that
 each unit manufactured, imported or marketed, as defined in the Federal Communications
 Commission‘s regulations will have affixed to it a label identical to that submitted for
 approval with this application.

 For instances where our authorized agent signs the application for certification on our
 behalf, I acknowledge that all responsibility for complying with the terms and conditions
 for certification, still resides with_NYNE MULTIMEDIA INC.            Address: 3451
 LUNAR COURT, OXNARD, California, United States.

Name: Arman Arami
Title: Manager
Applicant Company: NYNE MULTIMEDIA INC.

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