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FCC Part 15D – Compliance Information


Type of Equipment                  UPCS (DECT 6.0)
Applicant Name                     Panasonic Corporation of North America
Responsible Mfr Name               Panasonic Corporation
Address                            1-62, 4-chome, Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8531, Japan
Contact                            Kazunori Ata

                                             FP                            PP
EUT Type/System
FCC ID                              ACJ96NKX-TGF850           ACJ96NKX-TGDA51
                                   (IC:216A-KXTGF870)         (IC:216A-KXTGDA59)
Model name                              KX-TGF850                  KX-TGFA85
                                        KX-TGF870C                 KX-TGFA87C
HW Version                             PNLB2838xx                  PNLB2668xx
SW Version                                 SW202                      SW201
Max antenna Gain (dBi)                      0dBi                          0dBi
Can the EUT be Initiating                      YES                          YES
Does the EUT transmit                          YES                          YES
signaling channels
Max number of slots in use                  1 slot                        1 slot
Test standard:                         FCC part 15D               Other: Industry Canada RSS-213, Issue 2
Frequency Band                     1921.536 – 1928.448 MHz
# of RF Channels                   5
Frame Period                       10 ms
Max. Burst length                  417us / duplex channel (For Narrow band)
Min. Burst Length                  106us / signaling channel
# of Logical Channels              60 (12 duplex channels per RF carrier)(For Narrow band)
Operating Mode                         Simplex                    Duplex

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