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Office of Engineering Technology
Federal Communications Commission
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21046
                                                                          Date: 2019.8.15
Subject; Request for Confidentiality
FCC ID: 2AT9WMT-600668

To Whom It May Concern,
Pursuant to the provisions of the Commission’s rules Title 47 Sections §0.457 and §0.459, we
are requesting the Commission to withhold the following attachment(s) as confidential
documents from public disclosure indefinitely.

These documents contain detailed system and equipment descriptions and are considered as
proprietary information in operation of the equipment. The public disclosure of these documents
might be harmful to our company and would give competitors an unfair advantage in the market.

             Schematic Diagram
             Block Diagram
             Parts List
             Operational Description
             Tune-up Procedure

In additional to above mentioned documents, in order to comply with the marketing regulations
in Title 47 CFR §2.803 and the importation rules in Title 47 CFR §2.1204, while ensuring that
business sensitive information remains confidential until the actual marketing of newly
authorized devices, we request Short Term Confidentiality of the following attachment(s);

             External Photos
             Test Setup Photos
             Internal Photos
             User Manual

   For 45 days, pursuant to Public Notice DA 04-1705.
   For 180 days pursuant to KDB 726920 D01.

It is our understanding that all measurement test reports, FCC ID label format and
correspondence during the certification review process cannot be granted as confidential
documents and this information will be available for public review once the grant of equipment
authorization is issued.



Name: tony Li

Title: sales manager

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