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                 Maximum Permissible Exposure Evaluation
                                    FCC ID: 2AT9WMT-600668

According to FCC 1.1310: The criteria listed in the following table shall be used to evaluate the
environment impact of human exposure to radio frequency (RF) Radiation as specified in §1.1307(b)

EUT Specification
 EUT                            Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
 Frequency band (Operating)        WLAN: 2.412GHz ~ 2.462GHz/2.422GHz~2.452 GHz
                                   WCDMA Band II, Band IV, Band V
                                   LTE FDD Band 2, Band 4, Band 5, Band 12
 Device category                   Portable (<20cm separation)
                                   Mobile (>20cm separation)
                                   Fixed (>20cm separation)
                                   Others ___
 Exposure classification           Occupational/Controlled exposure (S=5mW/cm2)
                                   General Population/Uncontrolled exposure (S=1mW/cm2)
 Antenna diversity                 Single antenna
                                   Multiple antennas
                                   Tx diversity
                                   Rx diversity
                                   Tx/Rx diversity

 Max. output power              WIFI: 14.82dBm

 Antenna gain (Max)             WIFI: 2.5dBi
 Evaluation applied                MPE Evaluation
                                   SAR Evaluation

                              Zhejiang Kezheng Electronic Product Inspection

                                           Page 2 of 2                          Report No.: 2019-9015

Limits for Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)
          Frequency             Electric Field   Magnetic Field        Power                  Average
         Range(MHz)            Strength(V/m)     Strength(A/m)    Density(mW/cm2)              Time
                         (A) Limits for Occupational/Control Exposures
          300-1500                    --               --              F/300                     6
         1500-100000                  --               --                 5                      6
                     (B) Limits for General Population/Uncontrol Exposures
          300-1500                    --               --              F/1500                     6
         1500-100000                  --               --                 1                      30

Friis transmission formula: Pd=(Pout*G)\(4*pi*R2)
Pd= Power density in mW/cm2
Pout=output power to antenna in mW
G= gain of antenna in linear scale
R= distance between observation point and center of the radiator in cm
Pd the limit of MPE 1mW/cm2. If we know the maximum gain of the antenna and total power input to
the antenna, through the calculation, we will know the distance where the MPE limit is reached.

Measurement Result
                               Max.                        Max.                    Power        Power
                 Channel                    Tune up                 Antenna
 Operating                   Measured                    Tune up                 density at    density
                Frequency                  tolerance                 Gain
  Mode                        Power                       Power                    20cm         Limits
                  (MHz)                      (dBm)                   (dBi)
                              (dBm)                       (dBm)                  (mW/cm2 )    (mW/cm2 )
  802.11b        2462.0        14.82       14.82±1        15.82        2.5         0.0135            1

  802.11g        2462.0        12.30       12.30±1        13.30        2.5         0.0076            1
                 2462.0        10.83       10.83±1        11.83        2.5         0.0054            1
                 2452.0         9.47        9.47±1        10.47        2.5         0.0039            1

For a more detailed features description, please refer to the RF Test Report.

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                             Zhejiang Kezheng Electronic Product Inspection

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