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WaveFlex Inc.
Address: 5480 Roesland Dr., Galena OH 43021 Phone: 614-682-5293 Fax: 740-549-4640


Federal Communications Commission
Office of Engineering and Technology
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21046

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to request Single Modular Approval in accordance with under FCC Rule Part 15.212(a)(1) for
certification request under FCC ID: 2ASYA‐1001003. This product, the WaveFlex Picocell Gateway Radio
(WPGR), is an FCC Certified LoRa®‐Enabled multi‐channel high performance transceiver that is based on the
Semtech Rev 2b Reference Design. This design incorporates the Semtech SX1308 Digital Baseband IC and two
Semtech SX1257 Radio Transceiver IC’s over the 902 – 928 MHz FCC authorized bandwidths for North
America. The RF Front End is capable of receiving data simultaneously on 8 LoRa® Channels and is terminated
with a Reverse Polarity SMA connector for connecting an FCC approved 2.0 dBi maximum gain antenna. The
WPGR only transmits using the 8 LoRa® downlink channels from 923.3 – 927.5MHz. The WPGR is designed to
plug into a standard USB 2.0 Type A Female Host Port for Power and the Host Gateway Data Interface. The
WPGR enclosure is made of aluminum which is conductive, and this is used as the shield. The aluminum is
anodized, and this coating is an electrical insulator. There are internal rails where the PCB sits that are
masked during the anodizing process which connect the ground plane of the board to the enclosure. Also,
the SMA antenna jack is grounded and a star washer and nut are used to fasten this to the enclosure. The
star washer digs through the anodized coating and makes electrical contact.

Declaration of conditions.
   Y/N      15.212(a)(1) Condition
    Y       (i) The radio elements of the module have their own shielding. The physical crystal and tuning
            capacitors may be located external to the shielded radio elements
    Y       (ii) The module has buffered modulation/data inputs (if such inputs are provided) to ensure that the
            module will comply with part 15 requirements under conditions of excessive data rates or over‐
    Y       (iii) The module has its own power supply regulation.
    Y       (iv) The module complies with the antenna and transmission system requirements of §§15.203,
            15.204(b) and 15.204(c). The antenna(s) are either permanently attached or employ a “unique”
            antenna coupler (at all connections between the module and the antenna, including the cable).
    Y       (v) The module was tested in a stand‐alone configuration, i.e., the module was not inside another
            device during testing for compliance with part 15 requirements. Unless the transmitter module will
            be battery powered, it complies with the AC line conducted requirements found in §15.207. AC or DC
            power lines and data input/output lines connected to the module do not contain ferrites, unless they
            will be marketed with the module (see §15.27(a)). The length of these lines was the length typical of
            actual use or, if that length is unknown, at least 10 centimeters was used to insure that there is no
            coupling between the case of the module and supporting equipment. Any accessories, peripherals, or
            support equipment connected to the module during testing were unmodified and commercially
            available (see §15.31(i)).
    Y       (vi) The module is equipped with either a permanently affixed label or is capable of electronically
            displaying its FCC identification number.

WaveFlex Inc.
Address: 5480 Roesland Dr., Galena OH 43021 Phone: 614-682-5293 Fax: 740-549-4640

    Y        (vii) The module complies with any specific rules or operating requirements that ordinarily apply to a
             complete transmitter and the applicant has provided adequate instructions along with the module to
             explain any such requirements.
    Y        (viii) The module complies with any applicable RF exposure requirements in its final configuration.
             The instructions provided with the module adequately explain any usage conditions or restrictions.

I acknowledge on behalf of the applicant that compliance of this module in all final configurations is the
responsibility of the applicant under the condition that the integrator follows all provided installation



NAME: Shawn S. Flannery


COMPANY: WaveFlex, Inc.

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