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Change in ID (FCC)

                                        Texas Instruments Incorporated
                                    12500 TI Boulevard, Dallas Texas 75243
                                            United States of America

March 6, 2019

Re: Change in ID / Change in Multiple Listing

To Whom It May Concern:

         Edison Labs Incorporated ("Company") has contacted Texas Instruments Incorporated ("TI")
regarding Company‘s intention to file applications for a change in identification in the United States
pursuant to Section 2.933 of the Federal Communication Commission‘s ("FCC") rules with respectto the

         Model Name /                   Certification          Original Grant
         PMN                            Number                 Date
FCC      WiLink 8 Single Band           Z64—WL18SBMOD          02/21/2018
         Combo 2*2 MIMO Wi—Fi,
         Bluetooth &Bluetooth low
         energy module: 01 Grade

       Company has requested TI‘s permission to reference, in Company‘s applications, certain
documentation relating to the equipment identified in the table above. This letter is provided to permit
Nima Banai, Edison Labs Incorporated, 1875 S Grant St, Ste 620, San Mateo, CA 94402; email; phone (415)910—4296 to use the publically available test data and application
exhibits submitted to the FCC on behalf of TI with respect to the equipment identified above pertaining to
the grants of equipment certification covered by this letter.

       Based on Company‘s representations to TI, Company may list the existing certified product under
Company‘s new certification number, subject to FCC rules. This permission to act using data and
applications previously filed with the FCC on behalf of TI is limited to the matters set forth herein. This
letter does not, and shall not be construed to, grant rights or permissions beyond those expressly granted
to the party named herein. This permission expires automatically one year from the date of this letter.

        If you have any questions concerning this letter, please contact me by email at m—
or by phone at +1 214 567 5409.


 Texas Instruments Incorpora

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