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                          SHANGHAI ARW SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

                                              Authority to Act as Agent

Date: 26/04/2019

American Certification Body, Inc.
6731 Whittier Avenue
Suite C110
McLean, VA 22101

To Whom It May Concern:

         Intertek Testing Services Shanghai                  is authorized to act on our behalf, until otherwise
notified, for applications to American Certification Body, Inc. (ACB).

We certify that we are not subject to denial of federal benefits, that includes FCC benefits, pursuant to
Section 5301 of the Anti—Drug Abuse Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C. 862. Further, no party, as defined in 47
CFR 1.2002 (b). to the application is subject to denial of federal benefits, that includes FCC benefits.

Thank you,

Agency Agreement Expiration Date:              _31/12/2019

By:                       Obrewnafhe: lin                                           Changhai Liu
                           (Signature‘)                                           (Print name)

Title:                _   Manager

On behalf of:     Shanghai ARW Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Telephone:        8621 57718882


 — Must be signed by applicant contact given for applicant on the FCC site, or by the authorized agent if an appropriate
  authorized agent letter has been provided. Letters should be placed on appropriate letterhead.

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