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FCC ID: 2ARNJ-730A105

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The Climate Corporation
1330 W Fulton
Chicago, IL 60607 USA

Federal Communications Commission
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia MD 21046

Attention:      Application Examiner / Review Engineer
Subject:        Request to change identification per section 2.933 of FCC rules

Date:           1 Feb 2019
Reference:      FCC ID: 2ARNJ-730A105

To The Commission:

This Change of Identification request applies for a new FCC ID: 2ARNJ-730A105 as established in
47CFR 2.933(b) for a currently approved device. This application by The Climate Corporation will
establish a new FCC ID under (OXM) grantee code for purpose of marketing. The original grant to FCC
ID: N7NHL7648 (original ID) will remain in effect.

An authorization letter by Sierra Wireless is attached.
Per 2.933(b)
    1. The original identification is FCC ID: N7NHL7648
    2. The original grantee date is 11/04/2016
    3. The equipment is electrically identical. Only the FCC ID number, model number, brand, shape,
       colors are different.
    4. The original test results are application and representative of this changed device .
    5. Exterior photographs are included in this application.

This following files are electronically submitted as attachments:

Cover Letter
External Photos
FCC ID label format and location


Nicholas Ganig
Staff Engineer
The Climate Corporation
Tel: 240-247-7666

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