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                          Short Term Confidentiality Request Letter


MET Laboratories, Inc.

914 West Patapsco Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21230

RE: Short Term Confidentiality Request For:

FCC ID    Model Numbers
          Sentinel 100
2ARLF-100 Sentinel 100A
          Sentinel 100L

To Whom It May Concern:

In accordance with sections 0.457 and 0.459 of CFR 47, OnAsset Intelligence Inc., requests short-term
Confidentiality of following sections of this application for a period of 45 days after grant is issued.

Test setup photos

External photos

Internal photos

User’s manual

These documents contain detailed system and equipment descriptions and related information about the
product, which OnAsset Intelligence Inc. considers to be proprietary, confidential, and a custom design and
otherwise, would not release to the general public. Since this design is a basis from which future
technological products will evolve, OnAsset Intelligence Inc. feels that this information would be of benefit
to its competitors, and that the disclosure of the information in these documents would give our competitors
an unfair advantage in the market.

Please contact me if there is any information you may need.


Dennis S Key

VP Operations

8407 Sterling St., Irving, TX 75063 (P) 972-659-1619

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