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                          Shenzhen Toby Technology Co., Ltd.
                                                                       Report No.: TB-MPE164672
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            Maximum Permissible Exposure
                          FCC ID: 2ARER-IPC1080
1. Client Information
Applicant         : Shenzhen Apeman Innovations Technology Co.,Ltd
Address           : Building P11, Huanancheng, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
Manufacturer : Shenzhen Apeman Innovations Technology Co.,Ltd

Address           : Building P11, Huanancheng, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

2. General Description of EUT
EUT Name           : Nooie Cam Indoor 1080P
Models No.         : IPC007-1080P
Model Different    : N/A
                     Operation              802.11b/g/n(HT20): 2412MHz~2462MHz
                     Frequency:             802.11n (HT40): 2422MHz~2452MHz
                                            802.11b: 17.48dBm
                                            802.11g: 15.60dBm
                     RF Output Power:
Product                                     802.11n (HT20): 13.71dBm
                   :                        802.11n (HT40): 13.90dBm
                     Antenna Gain:          3.71dBi PIFA Antenna
                                            802.11b: DSSS(CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK)
                     Modulation Type:       802.11g/n: OFDM(BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,
                     AC/DC adapter(Model:TPA-46B050100UU):
Power Supply       : Input:AC100-240V, 0.2A, 50/60Hz
                     Output: DC 5V 1A
Software Version   : N/A
Hardware Version   : N/A
Connecting     I/O :
                     Please refer to the User's Manual


       1A/F., Bldg.6, Yusheng Industrial Zone, The National Road No.107 Xixiang Section 467, Xixiang,
                                  Bao’an, Shenzhen, China
                              Tel: +86 75526509301       Fax: +86 75526509195

                                                                          Report No.: TB-MPE164672
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                                 MPE Calculations for WIFI

1. Antenna Gain:
                    Internal Antenna: 3.71dBi.

2. EUT Operation Condition:
   Software provided by client enabled the EUT to transmit and receive data at lowest, middle
   and highest channel individually.

3. Exposure Evaluation:
   Equation from page 18 of OET Bulletin 65, Edition 97-01
      S: power density
      P: power input to the antenna
      G: power gain of the antenna in the direction of interest relative to an isotropic radiator.
      R: distance to the center of radiation of the antenna

4. Test Result:
                        Conducted                Max tune up                             Power
                                      Turn-up                  ANT Gain    Distance     Density
                        Power(max)                 power
          Mode                         Power                     (dBi)       (cm)              2
                          (dBm)                     (dBm)                              (mW/ cm )
                                        (dB)                      [G]         [R]
                                                      [P]                                 [S]

        802.11b          17.48        17±1          18          3.71         20         0.02949

        802.11g          15.60        15±1          16          3.71         20         0.01861

                         13.71        13±1          14          3.71         20         0.01174
                         13.90        13±1          14          3.71         20         0.01174


                                                                       Report No.: TB-MPE164672
                                                                       Page:       3 of 3

5. Conclusion:
As specified in Table 1B of 47 CFR 1.1310- Limits for Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE),
                 Limits for General Population/ Uncontrolled Exposure
                        Frequency Range               Power density
                              (MHz)                     (mW/ cm2)
                            300-1,500                    F/1500
                          1,500-100,000                     1.0

  For 802.11b/g/n:2412~2462 MHz
  MPE limit S: 1mW/ cm2
  The MPE is calculated as 0.02949mW / cm2 < limit 1mW / cm2. So, RF exposure limit
  warning or SAR test are not required.

  The EUT will only be used with a separation of 20cm or greater between the antenna and
  nearby persons and can therefore be considered a mobile transmitter per 47 CFR2.1091

  The RF Exposure Information page from the manual is included here for reference.

   For a more detailed features description, please refer to the RF Test Report.

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