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SCS—F28 Change of ID Request Letter              Page 1 of 2                                   Rev 2.0

                             FETC INTERNATIONAL CO LTD.

 Date: 2019/1/21

Federal Communications Commission

To Whom It May Concern:

This change of identification request applies for a new FCC ID: 2AQ8J—RO6HLRFA4P as
established for a currently approved device. This application by FETC
INTERNATIONAL CO LTD.will establishes a new FCC ID underFETC
‘s grantee code for purpose of marketing. The original grant to Shenzhen Clou IOT

 will remains in effect. An authorization letter by Shenzhen Clou IOT Technologies
 is attached.

The equipment is electrically identical. The original test results are applicable and
representative of this changed device.

External photographs are included in the application.

Should there be any question, please feel free to contact us.


     7%4/ K‘M /
                I               /


Tony Ting/Senior Engineer
Phone:                886—960—716—123
Fax:                  886—2—7717—0015
Address:              15F.,No. 16,Xinzhan Rd.,Banqiao Dist,New Taipei City 220

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