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                     Conquer Industry Co., Ltd
                       Agent Authorization

Company: Conquer Industry Co., Ltd

Address: A-703, Building 2, Tianan Cyber Park, HuangGe North Road, LongGang
District, Shenzhen 518172, China

Product Name: Bluetooth Speaker

Model Number(s): CQL1646-B, PBT3033, SBT709, 32347

Product Description: Bluetooth Speaker

We authorize MiCOM Labs Inc., 575 Boulder Court, Pleasanton, California 94566, USA,
to act on our behalf on all matters concerning the certification of above named

We declare that MiCOM Labs Inc. is allowed to forward all information related to the
approval and certification of equipment to the regulatory agencies as required and to
discuss any issues concerning the approval application. Any and all acts carried out by
MiCOM Labs on our behalf shall have the same effect as acts of our own.

Signature:                                                 Date: 2019-06-03

Name:        Rita Zhang

Title:       Business Coordinator

Company:     Conquer Industry Co., Ltd

Document Created: 2019-06-03 16:20:34
Document Modified: 2019-06-03 16:20:34

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