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                                  Modular Approval
                                  Declaration Letter

                                                                        Revision History
                Reason for Amendment (current / obsolete)             From             To   Approved Date

                        Initial Release (Obsolete)                     1.0            1.0    Dec-04-2006
                  Added IC Modular Letter (Obsolete)                   1.0            2.0    Feb 16 2009
                   Add LMA and MA option (Obsolete)                    2.0            3.0    April 14 2010
                Revised per RSS Gen issue 3.0 (Obsolete)               3.0            4.0    Jan 12 2011
                      Removed Foot(2) (obsolete)                       4.0            5.0    July 19 2011
              Adding New note per KDB996369 D01 V01R03                 5.0            6.0   August 29 2011
              Updated company template & Added text box                6.0            7.0    Jan-31-2012
                Updated modular requirement (obsolete)                 7.0            8.0    Sept 05 2014
               Updated template to meet RSP 100 issue 10               8.0            9.0    Nov 20 2014
               Updated template to meet RSP 100 issue 11               9.0           10.0   March 19 2015
              Revised the Modular Requirement statements              10.0           11.0    July 28, 2016

SCS-F26 Modular Approval Letter                         Page 1 of 2                             Rev 11.0

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                                                                                       Hn      fesmere
1.           Mevees on Rstcuing                                   v
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3|            Te modia varsniter mus rave ts on pover sn          y
4.            weerte artene equremens o sectont6 200              v
              Reresedne dnaoe egremis me aeme, dn
.             0t poveand dte naatapet is mus t comeatedtome       ,
             modu t themocede must tbnsanatercase cirng
              de osleduan ts oin FoG t runber sra e Foo 5 ro
4.           wtlennentre mosaeisinsaledinade seater cence,ten     ,
             theouside otth deice moch the mocil is rtated nust
             slsdajlay a imfern otreercosed ncule
              Te modvareniteris mandacured soatire wir en ret
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             ottre stapecti eauatins
4|           Abgress conslarce vante commasons Rr eposue mes      y
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         cinaan inrwres o otcrn caarcetas vavaenin unclot remamena tsemrtnptace rve
         sramtasava nh css antevany nsonte Li t nsmnan emmmy uns t e on nosh on
         wnon l esagesttta evnortomee mturcatse m ncoo se aetinenswt esw ce
         naands n uitcarcouNoonsounine
     21— revenoits Clid en ntvie onsamin,mmn pcsmes ots ons o i ran regpaeneraam marote
     01— mernsimiesOtat rsorrinin nsm uotiol wostoinin ons ow sesuorka cew tuh elsimgominss
         b soponrinarneisatinomcrcnmustonoiie wtoossern
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Exnve:Asepantt cenganeisccouseDton rehis aundn a es contagan o porate des at
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                                  ¢               (/@\M
Clents sgnatire
Cients name / ile Vely Crenues
Cortactinforration address». se7ss27z et/ RM.101—102.81.DG.FT3,Fta IDEA LANDNO—t08s BAOYUAN

$09—528 McAepront Leter                               Pagecot2                        reito

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