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                                Anker Innovations Limited
       Room 1318-19, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hongkong

                   Long/Short-term Confidentiality Request

PHOENIX TESTLAB GmbH                                           Date: May 8, 2019
Product Certification
Königswinkel 10
D 32825 Blomberg

FCC ID:                      2AOKB-A3911R

To Whom it may concerns,

Pursuant to sections 0.457(d) and 0.459 of CFR 47 and to avoid premature release of
sensitive information prior to marketing or release of the product to the public, we hereby
requests long-term confidential treatment of information accompanying this application as
outlined below:

   Schematics                                   Parts List
   Block Diagram                                Tune-Up Info
   Operational Description

In addition we hereby request the following exhibits contained in this application to be
temporarily (short-term confidentilality) withheld from the public disclosure
    for an initial period of 18 days         until:                   not applicable

   External Photos                              Test Setup Photos
   Internal Photos                              Users Manual

The above materials contain trade secrets and proprietary information not customarily
released to the public. The public disclosure of these matters might be harmful to the
applicant and provide unjustified benefits to its competitors.

The applicant understands that pursuant to rule 0.457(d), disclosure of this application and
all accompanying documentation will not be made before the date of the GRANT for this

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Contact person: Louis Qi
Title: General Manager

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