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Users Manual

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            ROAD SAFETY
            Learn how to use the various system functions before setting off. Read the instructions for the system
            carefully before setting off.

                   If the volume is too loud this can be
                   dangerous. Adjust the volume so that can
                   still hear background noises. (e.g. horns,
                   ambulances, police vehicles, etc.)

            Reception conditions change constantly while driving. Reception may be interfered with by the
            presence of mountains, buildings or bridges, or when you are far away from the broadcaster.

            IMPORTANT The volume may be increased when receiving traffic alerts and news.


            Observe the following precautions to ensure the system is fully operational:

                  the display is sensitive to scratching, liquids and detergents. The display should not come into
                   contact with pointed or rigid objects which could damage its surface. Do not press on the
                   display when cleaning it.
                  prevent any liquid from entering the system: this could be damaged beyond repair.

            Only clean the front panel and the display with a soft, clean, dry, anti-static cloth. Cleaning and
            polishing products may damage the surface.Do not use alcohol or similar products to clean the panel
            or the display.


            For memory stick (USB) and portable media players (iPod) sources the system can play files with the
            following extensions and formats:

                       .MP3 (8 – 320Kbps);
                       .WAV;
                       .WMA (8 – 320Kbps);
                       .AAC;

                  For all sources (USB, iPod and Bluetooth ®),the system can also play the following Playlist

                  .M3U
                  .PLS
                  .WPL

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            For USB sources the system can view images with the following extensions and formats:

                  .JPEG;
                  .JPG;

                        ALWAYS drive safely with your hands on the
                        steering wheel. You have fully responsibility
                        and assume all risks related to the use of the
                        multimedia system features in this vehicle.
            Only use multimedia system when it is safe to do so.
            Failure to do so may result in an accident involving
            serious injury or death.

            The system supports FAT16, FAT32, exFAT formatted USB devices. The system does not support
            devices with a capacity higher than 128 Gb.

                              CONTROLS ON FRONT PANEL

              Button          Function                                    Description
                         Turns the radio        Press the button to turn on the device, turn off the screen.Press button
                         off/on                 again and light up the screen

                          Radio                 Enter radio source / Select radio band(FM-AN-DAB-FM)

                                                Enter/Select USB/iPod/BT media Sources. If Apple CarPlay or Android
                          Media Source          Auto Connection is active, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay media menu
                                                can be accessible.

                                                Enter the mobile phone menu. Further details are given in next
                          Phone                 chapters.

                         Home                   Switches to home screen

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                        Volume +               Increases volume by one step -> Popup _Volume is shown

                        Volume -               Decreases volume by one step -> Popup _Volume is shown

                        Navigation             Switches to Navigation

                                     STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS

               Button              Function                                       Description
                                                       Press the button for the activation/deactivation of the volume. To cut off
                                                       the device microphone during BT (Bluetooth) call, press the key to
                         Mute Button                   activate mute function. This allows to hear the interlocutor but not being
                                                       heard from it. Press the mute button again to deactivate the function.

                                                       Press to activate Android Auto and Apple Car Play voice command.
                          Voice Command Button

                          Call Accept Button           Press to pick-up incoming calls.

                          Call End Button              Press to end or reject an incoming call.

                                                       Press the button to auto seek for next or previous radio station/ track for
                                                       media sources.
                         Search Button                 Change the selection upwards/downwards in a list.
                                                       Press long to change them faster.
                                                       Press to increase/decrease the volume. Press long to
                         Volume Up/Down Button increase/decrease volume faster.

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            Turning on/off the radio

            Press       button briefly to turn on the device, press again to turn off.

            RADIO MODE
            Press the Radio button on the touchscreen, bottom left corner or Radio icon in the Home page, to
            enter the Radio Menu.

            Radio Mode Selection

            In radio main screen Press RADIO button or “FM/AM/DAB” to switch to the bands AM FM and DAB.
            Each tuning mode can have a specific preselection set.

            Radio Station Selection
            In radio main screen turn RADIO button/knob or press             and      button on screen to search for the
            desired radio station.

            Displayed Information

            After the desired radio station is selected on the display, the following information is shown:

            At the top: the list of radio stations stored (preset) is displayed; the station being listened to is

            In the middle: the name of the radio station being listened to and the buttons to select the previous or
            the next radio station are displayed.

            At the bottom: the following buttons are displayed:

                  "FM/AM/DAB”: selection of the desired frequency band (button reconfigurable according to the
                   band selected: AM,FM,DAB);
                  "Stations": list of the radio stations available;
                  "Info": additional information on the source being listened to;
                  "Audio": access to the "Audio setting" screen.

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            AM/FM Radio Station Tuning

            Press the       icon to enter Direct Tune menu. The graphic keyboard on the display is used to enter
            the frequency of the station. In this mode, use buttons + and – to fine-tune the frequency. Press
            button to delete a wrong number (and enter the correct station frequency). Press         button or the
            "Radio" button on the display to return to the system main screen.

            Presetting a Station (Preselection)

            Pre-selections are activated by touching one of the preselection buttons located at the top of the
            display. To store the radio station being listened to, press and hold down the button corresponding to
            the desired preset until a confirmation acoustic signal is heard. The system can store up to 12 radio
            station in each mode: 4 radio stations are displayed at the top.

            MEDIA MODE
            Press “MEDIA” button located on the faceplate to activate media sources. After source selection
            completed, sound/video/photo files in the source are played automatically.

            To play audio / video / photo files via USB, the corresponding device must be connected to the USB
            port on the radio via required cable. When a USB / iPod device is plugged in while the system is on,

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            tracks stored on USB/iPod are available to play.


                        When connecting a device (USB or
                        iPod) to the USB port, make sure that
                        the handbrake lever is not obstructed.

            If the mobile phone supports Bluetooth connection, the audio files stored on the mobile phone can be
            listened via the radio in the car.

            Seek Up/Down (Previous/Next)

            Press       button to play the next selection. (this can be track/picture or video). Press          button to
            return to the beginning of the selection or the beginning of the previous selection.

            Fast Seek Up/Down

            Press and hold        button on the touchscreen to fast forward the selected track. To fast rewind the

            track, press and hold the       button.


            This function is used to select tracks in the directory of active device. Additional options for the
            selection may vary depending on the connected device or the type of device connected. For example,
            if a USB / iPod device is connected, it can be navigated between artists, music genres, and albums,
            depending on the information in the songs.

            In order to activate this function on corresponding device can be done by pressing “BROWSE” button
            on the front panel, which the user is allowed to scroll through files and make a search. This button may
            not be available some particular Apple® devices. Press          button to cancel browse function.

            Use the "ABC" button inside each list to skip to the desired letter inside the list.

            Song Information

            Press “Info” button to display the information of the current track. Press “CLOSE” button to back to the
            previous screen.

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            Press      button to play the tracks in a random order. Press again to de-activate this function. Shuffle
            function can be available if the USB or Bluetooth device supports this function.

            Repeat Song

            Press     button to cycle between Repeat One, Repeat All and Repeat OFF in loop. Repeat function
            can be available if the USB or Bluetooth device is supported this function.

            USB/iPod MODE

            USB/iPod Mode is entered by either inserting a USB Jump Drive or iPod cable into the USB port, or by
            pushing the MEDIA button on the faceplate located to the bottom of the display. Once in Media Mode,
            push the MEDIA button and select USB/iPod.

            Gently insert the USB/iPod device into the USB port. If you insert a USB/iPod device while the radio is
            ON, the unit will switch to USB/iPod mode and begin to play the tracks on the device.

            BLUETOOTH MODE

            Bluetooth Streaming Audio (BTSA) or Bluetooth Mode is entered by pairing a Bluetooth device,
            containing music, to the Multimedia System. Before proceeding, the Bluetooth device must be paired
            to the Multimedia System.

            NOTE: See the pairing procedure in the Phone Mode section for more details.

            To access Bluetooth mode, press the “Source” button under the Media Menu of the Home Page, and
            then select “Bluetooth Audio”.

            PHONE MODE

            Activating Phone Mode

            Press “PHONE” button to activate phone mode.

            Key Features:

                  Dialling the number of the person wanted to be called.

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                  Contacts on the phone book of the cell phone can be monitored and called.
                  Contacts on the call record be monitored and called
                  Up to 5 cell phones/digital players can be stored for easier and faster access.
                  The calls on the device can be transferred to cell phone or the calls on the cell phone can be
                   transferred to device. Device microphone can be disabled.
                  Sound files that are stored on mobile phone, can be played over radio device.

            Sound of the mobile phone is directed to the car speaker system over radio. System interrupts radio
            voice automatically while mobile phone function is in use.

            Pairing the Mobile Phone over BT

            The instructions below shall be followed for registering procedure:

                  Make sure Apple CarPlay/Android Auto is not active
                  Activate Bluetooth function of the mobile phone
                  Press “PHONE” button of the radio in front panel in Home Page

                  Press         Button if any cell phone device is not registered previously yet

                  Search for “FIAT_XXXX” on mobile phone after           button is pressed to start registering.
                  Enter the PIN code that is displayed on the screen of the radio, using the mobile phone, after
                   mobile phone requires it, or confirm the code that is displayed on mobile phone
                  An Information screen which contains cell phone details is displayed when registering is

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            After updating the mobile phone's software, it is recommended to remove the phone from the radio-
            connected devices list, delete the previous connection of the phone from the Bluetooth® list, and
            register mobile phone again to make the system working better.

                      Apple phones set the Bluetooth
                      volume to the half of maximum for the
                      first pairing. If the phone volume is low,
                      change the BT level on the radio in
            Equalizer settings menu, or change the BT level
            on the mobile phone.

                   Bluetooth Connection Functions and
                   sound quality may vary and depends
                   on Mobile Phone Brand.

            Transmission of the Phone Data (Phonebook and Recent Calls)

            If your mobile phone has a function for sending the phonebook via Bluetooth® technology. During the
            pairing procedure a pop-up screen will appear with the following request. Answer "Yes" to copy the
            whole phonebook and the list of recent calls to the system. Answer "No" to carry out the operation
            later on.

            After the first phone data transmission, the procedure for transmitting and updating the phonebook (if
            supported) starts as soon as a Bluetooth® connection is established between mobile phone and

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            This downloaded phonebook cannot be edited or deleted on the multimedia system. These can only
            be edited on the mobile phone. The changes are transferred and updated to the multimedia system on
            the next phone connection.

            Whenever a mobile phone is connected to the system, a maximum of 3000 contacts can be
            downloaded and updated for each phone. Depending on the amount of items downloaded from
            the phonebook, a slight delay can occur before the last names downloaded can be used. Up to then
            the phonebook downloaded previously (if present) will be available.

            Only the phonebook of the mobile phone currently connected to the system can be accessed.

            Connecting To A Particular Mobile Phone Or Audio Device After Pairing

            Multimedia System will automatically connect to the highest priority paired phone and/or Audio Device
            within range. If you need to choose a particular phone or Audio Device follow these steps:

                  To be sure if the Bluetooth function is in ON status on the mobile phone
                  Press the “Phone” button on the touchscreen, then the “Phones” button on the touchscreen.
                  Press to select the particular Phone or the particular Audio Device in “Paired Devices List”
                  If Using the mobile phone as a Media source, press “Media” button on the touchscreen.
                  If Using the mobile phone only for Phone function, press “Phone” button on the touchscreen.
                  If Using the mobile phone as both Media source and Phone, press “Connect Both” button on
                   the touchscreen.
                  A pop-up menu will appear, and multimedia system connects to the mobile phone

            Disconnecting A Phone Or Audio Device

                       Press the “Phone” button on the front panel;
                       Press the "Phones" button on the display;
                       Select the specific device from the "Paired Devices List”;
                       Press “Media” button to disconnect as “Media source” and/or press “Phone” button to
                        disconnect as “Phone source”.

            Deleting A Phone Or Audio Device

            To delete a mobile phone or Bluetooth® audio device from a list, proceed as follows:

                       Press the “Phone” button on the front panel;
                       Select "Phones” button on the display;
                       Select the specific device from the "Paired Devices List”;
                       Press the "Delete" button;
                       A confirmation screen will appear on the display: press "Yes" to delete the device or "No" to
                        cancel the operation.

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            The following features can be accessed through the Multimedia system if the feature(s) are available
            and supported by Bluetooth on your mobile service plan. For example, if your mobile service plan
            provides three-way calling, this feature can be accessed through the Multimedia system. Check with
            your mobile service provider for the features that you have.

            Ways To Initiate A Phone Call

            A call can be made by:
                 Pressing “Contacts” button (mobile phone phonebook);
                 Pressing "Recent Calls" button;
                 Pressing “Keypad” button;
                 Pressing the "Call Back" button.

            Making a Phone Call

            The operations described below can only be accessed if supported by the mobile phone in use. For all
            functions available, refer to the mobile phone owner's handbook.

            Dialling the phone number using the "keypad" button

            Enter the phone number using the graphic keyboard displayed. Proceed as follows:

                  Press the         button on the touchscreen in Phone Main Menu;
                  Use the numbered buttons to enter the number;
                  Press the "Call" button to make a call.

            Dialling the phone number using the mobile phone

            It is possible to dial a phone number with the mobile phone and continue using the system (never
            allow yourself to be distracted while driving). When a phone number is dialled with the keyboard
            of the mobile phone, the audio of the call is played over your car's sound system.

            Recent calls

            The list of the last calls made for each of the following call types can be displayed:

                  Incoming calls;

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                  Outgoing calls;
                  Missed calls;
                  All calls.

            To access these types of calls, press the "Recent Calls" button on the Phone menu main screen.

            Managing an Incoming Call - Answering a phone call

            When a phone call is received on the mobile phone, the system deactivates the audio system (if active)
            and displays a popup screen. Press the "Accept" button or the button on the steering wheel controls to

            Press the "Reject" button or the button on the steering wheel controls to reject.

            Press the “Ignore” button to ignore the incoming call, the incoming call still exist in the background,if
            user press PHONE button of the front panel, the incoming call screen will appear again.

            Answering an incoming call during an active conversation

            To answer an incoming call while another phone conversation is in progress, press the "Reserve &
            Accept” button to put the ongoing call on hold and answer the new incoming call.

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            Press “Hangup & Accept” button to close the ongoing call and answer the new incoming call.
            Press “Ignore” button to ignore the new incoming call and continue with the ongoing call.

            IMPORTANT Not all mobile phones may support the management of an incoming call when another
            phone conversation is active.

            Making a second Phone Call

            When a phone conversation is active, a second phone call can be made as 3 different ways on the
            same menu as follows:

            Press “Add Call” button and Keypad screen is open;

                  Dial the number using the numbered buttons and press “Call” button;
                  Press “Recent Calls” button to select from the list of recent calls;
                  Press “Contact” and go to the Phonebook then select the contact;

            Managing two Phone Calls

            If two calls are in progress (one active and one on hold), it is possible to switch between them pressing
            the "Switch”" button or to merge the two calls in a conference pressing the "Join" button.

            Check whether the telephone in use supports the management of a second call and the "Conference"

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            Ending a Call

            Press the "End" button or the button on the steering wheel controls to end a call in progress. Only the
            ongoing call is ended and any call on hold becomes the new active call. Depending on the type of
            mobile phone, if the ongoing call is ended by the caller, the call on hold may not be activated


            To call the number/contact of last call made, press the "Call Back" button on the Phone Main Menu.

            Continuing a Phone Call

            After the engine is switched off, it is still possible to continue a phone call. The call continues until it is
            ended manually or for a maximum period of about 10 seconds. When the system is switched off the
            call is transferred to the mobile phone.

            Activation/Deactivation of the Microphone

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            During a call the microphone can be deactivated pressing the “Mute” button on the touchscreen (or on
            the steering wheel controls). When the microphone is deactivated it is still possible to listen to the call
            in progress. To reactivate the microphone, press the corresponding button again.

            Transferring a Call

            The ongoing calls can be transferred from the mobile phone to the system and vice versa without
            ending the calls. To transfer the call, press the "Privacy" button.

            Apple CarPlay AND Android Auto (where provided)
            The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications allow you to use your smartphone in the car safely
            an intuitively. To enable them, just connect a compatible smartphone via the USB port and the phone’s
            contents will be automatically shown on the system display. To check the compatibility of your

            smartphone, see the indications on the websites: and

             If the smartphone is connected correctly to the car via the USB port, the Apple CarPlay or Android
            Auto icon will be displayed the main menu.

             Android Auto APP Setup

            Before use, download the Android Auto application to your smartphone from Google Play Store. The
            application is compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and later versions. To use Android Auto, the
            smartphone must be connected to the car with a USB cable. On the first connection, you will have to
            perform the setup procedure that appears on the smartphone. You can only perform this procedure
            with the vehicle stationary. Once connected to the USB port, the Android Auto application establishes
            a parallel Bluetooth® connection.

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            Apple CarPlay App Setup

            Apple CarPlay is compatible with the iPhone 5 or more recent models, with the iOS 7.1 operating
            system or later versions. Before using Apple CarPlay, enable Siri from "Settings" General Siri on the
            smartphone. To use Apple CarPlay, the smartphone must be connected to the car with a USB cable.


                  Enabling Apple CarPlay/Android Auto or some functions could require interaction on the
                   smartphone. If necessary, complete the step on your device (smartphone).

                      Apple phones set the Bluetooth
                      volume to the half of maximum for the
                      first pairing. If the phone volume is low,
                      change the BT level on the radio in
            Equalizer settings menu, or change the BT level
            on the mobile phone.


            After the setup procedure, on connecting your smartphone to the car's USB port, the application will
            run automatically on the system. You can interact with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto using the
            steering wheel button (long press of the button), using the BROWSE ENTER button/knob (to select
            and confirm) or using the system touchscreen.


            With the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications, the driver can use the navigation system on
            their smartphone.

            Android Auto APP Setup


                       Bluetooth® is disabled while Apple CarPlay is being used
                       Bluetooth® remains on while Android Auto is being used
                       The data connection will depend on the payment plan of the smartphone
                       The information may be subject to changes that depend on the operating system of the

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            Exiting the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps

            With Apple CarPlay app enabled, you can still access the contents of the system by using the controls

            available (Press       button) and viewable on its display. To return to the system contents with the
            Android Auto app enabled, select the last item on the Android Auto system bar and select “Back to
            Fiat". To end the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto session, physically disconnect the smartphone from
            the car's USB port.

            Navigation APP Setup

            With the navigation applications, the driver can use the navigation system for planning and


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            Put in reverse (R) and your display will automatically show the rear of your car. Of course , your
            screen or radio must be turned on.


            Press       button to enter the Settings menu. The menu includes the following items:


            Audio related settings are located under this function. (Loudness, Equalizer, Balance & Fader, Speed
            Volume Control, Ringtone & Phone volume control)

            Touch Sound

            Press the relevant button to activate/deactivate the acoustic signal when the buttons on the display
            are pressed.


            To activate/deactivate the "Loudness" function to improve the sound quality at low volumes.

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            Select "Equalizer" on the display to adjust the bass, middle and treble tones. Use the "+" or "–" buttons
            to carry out the settings desired.Tapping on the bass middle or treble bar also is possible to change
            the value. Then press         button to return to the "Audio" menu. Press        button to cancel and
            exit this screen.

            Balance and Fader

            Press the "Balance/Fade" button to balance the sound from the front and rear seat speakers. Press

            the       or       buttons to balance the front and rear speakers. Press the         or      buttons to
            balance the speakers on the left and the right side. The adjustment is also possible by moving the
            white point on the right side of the display upwards/downwards/to the left/to the right. Press the central
            "C" button to balance the adjustments. Then press          button to return to the "Audio" menu. Press
                   button to cancel and exit this screen.

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            Press the “Volume” button to enter into the volume setting interface. Adjust the volume of multimedia
            (music, video and radio), phone, ringtone and speech.

            Speed Volume Control

            "Off" and "1, 2 or 3".

            The option selected is displayed. Choose "1, 2 or 3" to increase the volume proportionally to the
            selection made. Then Then press         button to return to the "Audio" menu. Press        button to
            cancel and exit this screen.

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            Alternative Frequency and Traffic Announcement functions can be activate/deactivate under Radio

            AF Setting

            Press the “AF Setting” button to activation/deactivation of the automatic tuning of the strongest signal
            for the station selected

            TA Setting

            Press the “TA Setting” button to activation/deactivation of the automatic tuning of the traffic


Sınıflandırma : Genel

            Set the language by selecting any possible language from the list.


            Luminance, AutoPlay, Power Off Delay ,Rear View Camera functions can be activate/deactivate under
            General setting menu.


            Press the "Luminance" button to set the display brightness according to "Day", "Night" condition.


            AutoPlay is a feature of the multimedia system that automatically begins playing music of the
            connected device, as soon as it is connected. This feature can be turned on or off in this menu. It’s
            default setting is on.

            Power Off Delay

            To keep the radio on for 20 minutes after the ignition key is turned to STOP.

            Android Auto

            Press ON button to be connected AnroidAuto and press OFF not to be connected AndroidAuto.

            User Manual

            Scan the QR code with a mobile device allows accessing the website from the mobile device.


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            System Information

            System information can be reviewed under this menu and update the software of the radio.

            Software Update

            Update the software of the radio, follow the in instructions below;

                  Download updated radio software from web site.
                  Copy downloaded file to USB disk.
                  Insert USB into USB input of the radio.
                  The radio check and recognize the correct file on the USB stick
                  If the sw on the USB stick is correct, popup should appear asking if you want to upgrade the
                   sw (yes – no).
                  If yes,Radio will start the upgrade process and restart itself after finishing the process.
                  If no,Radio will start to play the media files of the USB.

            Restore Settings

            Reset the radio to the factory settings will erase all the settings defined by the user previously. Confirm
            to reset the device to the factory settings. Wait for a short time for the factory settings to be restored.


                  Please read this manual thoroughly and keep this manual as a reference before the use of this
                  For safe driving, do not look at the display continuously while driving.
                  Do not allow liquids or solids to get into the device in order to avoid damage.
                   Consult your authorized workshop for repair and maintenance.
                  Using the device for an extended period while the engine is not running may cause the battery
                   to discharge.
                  Do not touch the screen with hard or sharp objects, as this may cause damage to the screen.

            Faults caused by misuse and the following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

                       Faults due to electrical components.
                       Faults due to external sources (humidity, water, impact, fire, lightning, chemicals, dust).
                       Use of non-genuine spare parts that are not approved by the manufacturer.
                       Interventions to the device other than authorized service.
                       Deleted or altered serial numbered devices.

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FCC Regulations

(15C)This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this
device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user’s
authority to operate the equipment.

The antenna(s) used for this transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction
with any other antenna or transmitter.

 (15B)This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital
device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a
residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency
energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful
interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not
occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or
television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is
encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

 Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

 Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

 Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is

 Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

FCC RF Exposure Intormation

    This device complies with FCC RF radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled
    The antenna(s) used for this transmitter must not be co‐located or operating in
conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter and must be installed to provide a
separation distance of at least 20cm from all persons.

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