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Users Manual

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Instruction Manual


1. Safety Precautions
  1.1 Warning
  1.2 Cautions

2. List of Components
3. Inserting / Removing an External Memory Card
4. Connecting Power Adapter
5. Product Picture

6. Connection on the back of the product

7. Power Button

Basic Function
1. Home screen and Menu widget
2. Internet Connection
3. Connecting Mobile Devices
  3-1 AirPlay Connection

  3-2 Connecting Rose Tube Dial

  3-3 DLNA Connection

  3-4 Connecting to Home Network

  3-5 Bluetooth Connection

4. Product Specifications
5. Things to check before contacting a service center

Safety Precautions
· Do not apply excessive force to the product, throw or give impact to the product using sharp
· When used by children, a protector or a guardian should give guidance, and check if safety
precautions are being followed. Use at the temperature range of 0°C - 40°C. Do not use in humid
· Use of product at temperatures under 0°C or in sealed places with high temperatures can lead to
failure, corrosion, heat or ignition. Also, moisture or liquid can damage the surface and circuit. In
the case of RS350, power is automatically turned off at high temperatures of 65°C and above, for
 · Always use adapters that are certified by Rose. Other power adapters may cause malfunction or
damage the product (degradation in performance).
 · Do not spill waste or liquid on the product. This may damage the parts and circuit. If the product
gets wet, contact the nearest service center without turning on the power. However, free aftersale
repair service is not available in this case.
 · Do not connect antennae or accessories, which are not certified by Rose, and do not place the
product on objects that can cause jamming (steel desks, microwave, etc.).
 · The product is sensitive to radio waves, and its performance can be degraded when used near
steel objects or electromagnetic devices.

· The contents in the instruction manual are based on the default settings of RS350
 · The pictures in the instruction manual will be different with program execution screen
 · Instruction manual can be modified without notice to users for the improvement of RS350
 · Features and additional services of RS350 can vary by software and service providers.
 · Data (Pictures, Music, Video Files, etc.) other than the default bell and pictures can be deleted
due to carelessness of users or due to product failure and its repair works. Rose is not liable for
damages caused by data loss.
 · Do not use chemical solutions (alcohols, thinners, solvents, etc.) or detergents to clean the product.
Rubbing the product using chemical solutions may generate heat and cause fire. Use a soft cloth
or a towel for cleaning.
 · Do not dismantle, modify, or repair the product at user’s will. Free aftersale services will not be
available in such cases. If a malfunction occurs, please contact a designated service center for repair.
· Only the programs provided by the manufacturer can be used. If a randomly generated file or a
user-deployed file is transferred to the product, it may cause an operation error or cause serious
damage to the product. The side effect of these, Rose is not liable for any issues.
· If the touchscreen is damaged, do not touch as it may cause injuries. Call service center for help.

List of Components
Main body, Adapter, Power Cord, Quick Guide, BT Remote controller, AAA battery 2ea

Inserting / Removing an External Memory Card
· An external memory card (micro SD) is supported. Micro SD Card capacity is compatible up to 128

Connecting Power Adapter
Please follow the procedure below.

Product Picture

Connection on the back of the product

                                USB A terminal - Symbol for USB A terminal

                                OTG terminal - Symbol for OTG terminal

                                Micro SD card - Symbol for Micro SD card

                                Headphone output - Symbol for the output of the headphone

                                Reset - Symbol for reset hole

                                Power Connection - Symbol for power connection

Power Button
· Standby mode on: Press power button for 1 second (Not only screen and sound, but also music,
video, network would be paused)
· Standby mode off: Standby mode status ▶ Press button for 1 second (screen would be on and
network be rebooted)
· Screen off: Press button for 2 seconds ▶ Touch ‘screen off’(Only screen would be off and network
still serviced)
· Screen on: Screen off status ▶ press power button for 1 second
· Power off: Press 2 seconds ▶ Touch ‘Power off’ (Touch outside of menu, it would be canceled)
· Reboot: Press 2 seconds ▶Touch ‘Reboot’
· Volume up: Touch volume up button
· Volume down: Touch volume down button

· Mute setting: Touch ‘mute button’
· Mute setting clearing: Mute status ▶ Touch ‘mute button’

Power and Touch button’s LED status
· Screen on status: Power button LED is off, when you touch other buttons, it would be lightning in
a moment
· Screen off status: Only Power button LED is off.
· Loading status: Only Power button LED is flickering
· Mute status: Touched LED is flickering and it would be off after mute setting clear.
· To prevent the input of unwanted touch motions and to save power, please turn off the screen
when not in use.
· There can be a momentary screen failure if the product has not been terminated normally. This
phenomenon is temporary and does not indicate a problem with the screen. Therefore, please use
with confidence.

Home screen and Menu widget
Home screen

Top Bar: Displays the Time, Product ID (changeable), HeadSet, Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA, WiFi
Menu Widget: Move on to other menus by the left/right scrolling
Playlist: Music currently playing,

Icon at the top of the screen
These icons indicate the device status, and can be confirmed in the alarm bar at the top end of the

            · Headset is connected

            · Bluetooth device is connected, Move to BT setting when you touch.

            · DLNA is connected. Reboot service when you touch (White: activated / Gray:
            inactivated / Flickering : Connecting)
            · AirPlay service is connected. Reboot service when you touch (White: activated / Gray:
            inactivated / Flickering : Connecting)
            · WiFi is connected. Move to WiFi setting when you touch.

Icons to run in the Menu
· Home Button: Move to Home Screen while Application is running.
· Cancel Button: Go back to the previous screen.
· Application Home Button: Move to Application Home.

Internet Connection
WiFi Connection

Select Settings (   ) or WiFi Icons (    ) ▶ Move to WiFi Settings screen ▶ Activate WiFi switch
▶ Select searched device ▶ (Input PW) ▶ Connected

Connecting Mobile Devices
1. AirPlay Connection
For Android devices, go to Play Store (Google Play) and install Applications that support AirPlay to

begin connection.
· Select WiFi icon (   ) in Home Screen ▶ Connect WiFi ▶ AirPlay service becomes available for
· You can check whether the AirPlay service (   ) is running or not by the color of AirPlay icon at
the top end of Home Screen. (Flickering in White: Booting / White: Connection available / Blue:
· For AirPlay service, RS350 and the device should be connected to the same AP (Wireless Network).
· Details for iTunes Connection can be found in the Detailed Manual at our website.

2. Connecting Rose Tube Dial
You can transfer YouTube playback screen from the Android phone to the RS350
· Select WiFi icon (   ) in the Home Screen ▶ Connect WiFi ▶ Select icon (       ) on the YouTube
Screen (Android) ▶ Select device (Product ID) to send on your phone’s screen ▶ Play the same
YouTube Video on RS350
· RS350 and the equipment to run Rose Tube Dial should be connected to the same AP (wireless
network). RS350 supports YouTube only.

3. DLNA Connection
· Execute DLNA supported App ▶ Select Device ▶ Connect to ROSE
RS350 and DLNA device should be connected to the same AP (wireless network). When DLNA is
connected, the following screen appears and the music is played.

4. Connecting to Home Network

· RS350 can play files from PC and NAS.

Select Music (     ) or Video (      ) in Home Screen ▶ Select Folder Button ▶ Select Network
Folder ▶ Select a device to connect to ▶ Input ID/PW ▶ (Check on public, in case the
equipment has no PW) ▶ Confirm
· RS350 and PC or NAS should be connected to the same AP (wireless network).
· In your PC, folders should be set as ‘shared’.

· If the information you input is correct, folders and files of the shared device will appear as shown
· Select files to play music and videos.

5. Bluetooth Connection
Your smartphones can be connected with RS350 via Bluetooth.

Settings (   ) ▶ Bluetooth Setting ▶ Activate Bluetooth switch ▶ Select ‘Register New Device’
Button ▶ Standby for connection ▶ Select RS350 in the device list ▶ Pairing ▶ Done
A search mode is activated when entering the Bluetooth Activation and the Settings Screen.
When pairing is attempted, a pop-up for requesting pairing will appear on your mobile device.
Press OK to start pairing.

When the pairing is complete, as shown in the picture below, your device is added to the ‘List of
Paired Devices’. Click on the device to attempt connection.

· When the connection is successfully done, the name of the device turns blue, and a message is
shown on the left, stating the successful connection. When you click on a connected device, the
connection is terminated and a message indicating disconnection appears. · Bluetooth is a
technology for personal area network, with the coverage of about 10 meters or less.

Product Specifications
  Specification                     Description
  Main Chipset                       Quad-core ARM 1.2Ghz
  OS                                 Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
                  DRAM               1GB DDR3 (1866MHz Data Rate)
                  Flash              8GB eMMc
                  Video              VC-1, H.264, H.265, MPEG 1,2,3,4
                                     MPEG 1 Layer 1/2/3,WMA,flac,ape
                  Audio              Headphone Driver
                                     I2 INPUT CLASS-D 15W AUDIO AMP
                                     WiFi : 802.11 a/b/g/n(2.4GHz/ 5GHz) 2T2R
  Wireless        WiFi / BT Combo
                                     Bluetooth : 4.1(BDR/EDR) _ GFSK
                  Button / Knob      Power / Volume +/-, Mute
                  LED                Power LED :White (1ea),      Touch LED: White (1ea))
  Front                              TFT LCD 5” 720 x 1280 pixels
                  LCD&TSP           Capacitive Touch Screen
                                     Electrostatic-Type 129.4mm x 79.10mm
                                     RMS : 15W
                                     MAX : 20W
                                     Reproduction Range : 20Hz - 20kHz
                                     Rated Reproduction Range : 40Hz - 20kHz
                                     Nominal IMP: 8ohm ±15%
                                     Nominal Power: 10W
                  Tweeter            Frequency Range: F0 ~ 20KHz
  Speaker                            Sensitivity (5K,6K,8K,10kHz) 93dB ±3dB
                                     Voice Coil Diameter: Φ19.5 * 3.0H
                                     Impedance:     8ohm ±15% 500Hz 1V input without baffle
                                     Rating Power: 10W, Max Power: 15W
                  MidRange           Size: 66.5 x 66.5mm (2.5inch)
                                     Resonance Frequency: 100Hz±20%Hz (1W 1M averaged of AT
                  Woofer            Dual bipolar radiator (2ea)

                  DC Jack            2Ø (External Adaptor) x (1ea)
                  Reset Switch       (1ea)
  Rear            Micro USB          OTG x (1ea)
                  USB                USB-A Type x (1ea)
                  Micro SD           Micro SD Slot x (1ea)

                 Ear Phone           3.5Ø x (1ea)
                 Adaptor             12V@ 2.00A
                 Power Cord          1M x (1ea)
                 User Guide          Simple Manual x (1ea)
                 Remote Control     IR Receiver    38KHz x(1ea)
  Battery                           LI-Ion Battery AAA Type x(2ea)
                 Operating          0°C ~ 40°C
                 Storage            -30°C ~ 80°C
                                    2 412 ㎒ ~ 2 472 ㎒ (802.11b/g/n 20 ㎒ BW)
                                    2 402 ㎒ ~ 2 480 ㎒ (Bluetooth)
                                    5 180 ㎒ ~ 5 240 ㎒ (802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW)
  Frequency                         5 745 ㎒ ~ 5 825 ㎒ (802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW)
  Range                             2 412 ㎒ ~ 2 472 ㎒ (802.11b/g/n 20 ㎒ BW)
                 RX                 2 402 ㎒ ~ 2 480 ㎒ (Bluetooth)
                                    5 180 ㎒ ~ 5 240 ㎒ (802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW)
                                    5 745 ㎒ ~ 5 825 ㎒ (802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW)
  Type of Modulation                DSSS(802.11b), OFDM (802.11a/g/n 20 ㎒ BW),
                                    GFSK, π/4DQPSK, 8DPSK (Bluetooth)
                                    2 400 ㎒ Band
  Channels                          11 Ch (802.11b/g/n 20 ㎒ BW), 79 Ch (Bluetooth)
                                    5 150 ㎒ Band 4 CH (802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW)
                                    5 725 ㎒ Band 5 CH (802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW)
                                    2 400 ㎒ Band
                                    10 ㎽/㎒: 802.11b/g/n 20 ㎒ BW
                                    3 ㎽: Bluetooth,
                                    5 150 ㎒ Band
                                    2.5 ㎽/㎒: 802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW
                                    5 725 ㎒ Band
                                    10 ㎽/㎒: 802.11a/n 20 ㎒ BW

Things to check before contacting a service center
· Please restart the product if touch does not work or if the screen freezes. If you press and hold
the power key longer than 5 seconds, it will be forcibly rebooted.
 · The product might be heated by the internal heat. However, this does not affect the life and
performance. Please use with confidence.
· In some instances when the internet is connected, audio might break up due to weak signal, or
excessive traffic. Wireless internet reception can also be delayed or disconnected. In such cases,
move the location of product and try again.
· MP3 files, etc. are optimized according to the characteristics, design standard, and operator

demands. Therefore, even with the same content, there may be differences in volume, tone, etc.
with other manufacturers and other models.

Quality Guaranteed.

Model Name: RS350
Date of Purchase: Year: 20___, Month: ___________, Date: ___ (1 Year from the Date of Purchase)
Place of Purchase: Firm Name
▪ Name of equipment: Specific low power radio equipment (Wireless device for Radio Local Area
Network with Wireless Access Systems)
▪ Name of the company that received the conformity assessment: CITECH Co. Ltd.
▪ Manufacturer / Country of manufacture: CITECK Co., Ltd. / Korea
▪ Identification code of authenticated person: SYH
▪ Authentication number: R-C-SYH-RS350

Rose Customer Service Center (A/S center)
Telephone: 1899-6042
It is possible to check the telephone number and location information of the nearest service center
from the customer service center or homepage.
QR Code for Product Website (
You can download the additional manuals for more information.
It is possible to download and use the software.
Through the newsletter, you can get information on Rose's latest news events and new products

Manufacture: CITECH Co., LTD.

11F, 932, Yangjae-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel. +82-2-410-9676

Representative(or importer) in the EU: Conceptas Sound Engineering

  Hoher Markt 8-9/3/30 1010 Wien Austira

  Tel. +43-664-42-84-980


Bluetooth and WI-FI can transmitting simultaneously.

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