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  Reference No.: WTS19S05027920W

FCC ID: 2ALR9-KDL-BT1703B RF Exposure Report

      Test Requirement:         FCC Part 1.1307
      Evaluation Method        FCC Part2.1093 & KDB 447498 D01 General RF Exposure Guidance v06

      1) The 1-g and 10-g SAR test exclusion thresholds for 100 MHz to 6 GHz at test separation distances
      ≤50 mm are determined by:
      [(max. power of channel, including tune-up tolerance, mW)/(min. test separation distance, mm)] · [√
      f(GHz)] ≤3.0 for 1-g SAR and ≤7.5 for 10-g extremity SAR where

      1.     f(GHz) is the RF channel transmit frequency in GHz
      2.     Power and distance are rounded to the nearest mW and mm before calculation
      3.     The result is rounded to one decimal place for comparison
      The test exclusions are applicable only when the minimum test separation distance is ≤50 mm and
      for transmission frequencies between 100 MHz and 6 GHz. When the minimum test separation
      distance is < 5 mm, a distance of 5 mm is applied to determine SAR test exclusion.
The procedures / limit

                             Source-based       Minimum test         SAR Test
                                                                                    SAR Test
Conducted      Conducted    time-averaged    separation distance     Exclusion
  Peak           Peak          maximum         required for the     Thresholds                    Result
power(dBm)    power(mW) conducted output exposure conditions        Calculation
                              power(mW)             (mm)                 Value
   6.57          4.539           4.539                5                  1.430         3.0      Compliance
      Remark: Max. duty factor is 100%
      Low Chanel: f=2402MHz=2.402GHz, so √f(GHz)=1.550
      High Chanel: f=2480MHz=2.480GHz, so √f(GHz)=1.575

Result: Compliance No
SAR measurement is required.

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