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May 8, 2019

Nemko Canada Inc.
303 River Road
Ottawa, ON Canada
K1V 1H2

                                          REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIALITY

TR Controls Inc.
955 Green Valley Road
London, Ontario
N6N 1E4

FCC ID: 2AL9H-112015

Pursuant to §0.457(d) and 0.459 of the FCC rules, we would like to request the short-term confidential treatment of
the following documents regarding this submission:

    •     Internal Photos
    •     External Photos
    •     Test Setup Photos
    •     User’s Manual

These materials contain proprietary information that will not be available publicly until the expiry date listed below.
Releasing this information in advance would allow competitors to view proprietary implementation details which
may be harmful to the company and detrimental to TR Controls Inc.’s competitive advantage prior to product launch.

Request Date: May 8, 2019
Requested Expiry Date: November 4, 2019


Name: Gordon Niznik
Title: VP of Finance & Operations
On behalf of: TR Controls Inc.
Phone: +1-519-452-1999

  TR Controls Inc. 955 Green Valley Rd. London. Ontario. N6N 1E4 Tel: 519.452.1233 Fax: 519.452.1177 Toll
                                             Free: 800.265.9483

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