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            Certification Exhibit

          FCC ID: 2AKCY-SWPD01DC

    FCC Rule Part: 47 CFR Part 2.1091

  TÜV SÜD Project Number: 72141372

      Manufacturer: Cooper Lighting LLC
            Model: SWPD01-DC

                  RF Exposure

3998 FAU Blvd., Suite 310, Boca Raton, FL 33431, Phone: 561-961-5585

Model: SWPD01-DC                                                                FCC ID: 2AKCY-SWPD01DC

General Information:
Applicant:           Cooper Lighting LLC
Device Category:     Mobile
Environment:         General Population/Uncontrolled Exposure

Technical Information:

Radio Type:    Zigbee
Antenna Type: PCB Antenna
Antenna Gain: 2.6 dBi
Maximum Transmitter Conducted Power: 12.43 dBm, 17.4985 mW
Maximum System EIRP: 15.03 dBm, 31.8420 mW
Exposure Conditions: 20 centimeters or greater

MPE Calculation
The Power Density (mW/cm2) is calculated as follows:

     4πR 2
S = power density (in appropriate units, e.g. mW/cm2)
P = power input to the antenna (in appropriate units, e.g., mW)
G = power gain of the antenna in the direction of interest relative to an isotropic radiator
R = distance to the center of radiation of the antenna (appropriate units, e.g., cm)

                                         Table 1: MPE Calculation
   Transmit      Radio                      Radio     Antenna     Antenna                  Power
                             Density                                          Distance
  Frequency      Power                      Power      Gain         Gain                   Density
                              Limit                                             (cm)
    (MHz)        (dBm)                      (mW)       (dBi)      (mW eq.)               (mW/cm^2)
     2405        12.43         1.00         17.50        2.6        1.820        20            0.006

Project: 72141372                          TÜV SÜD America Inc.                                        Page 2

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