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                                                                                                           November 8, 2018
                                        Declaration –
                                MIF for HAC RF Interference Evaluation
To Whom It May Concern,
This device with FCC ID: 2AJOTTA1124, with reference to Hearing Aid Compatibility Requirement is going to
be certified under ANSI C63.19-2011 version per Part 20.19.

The M rating was determined by measuring the maximum steady state average E-field values in dB (V/m) as
documented in the HAC report and adding the MIF value in dB (V/m) using pre-determined values provided by
Speag under the below table:
         UID                   Reversion                                  Communication System Name               MIF (dB)
        10021                      DAC                 GSM-FDD (TDMA, GMSK)                                         3.63

        10025                      DAC                 EDGE-FDD (TDMA, 8PSK, TN 0)                                  3.75

        10460                      AAA                 UMTS-FDD (WCDMA, AMR)                                       -25.43

        10225                      CAB                 UMTS-FDD (HSPA+)                                            -20.39

        10081                      CAB                 CDMA2000 (1xRTT, RC3)                                       -19.71

        10295                      AAB                 CDMA2000, RC1, SO3, 1/8th Rate 25 fr.                        3.26

        10403                      AAB                 CDMA2000 (1xEV-DO, Rev. 0)                                  -17.67

        10170                      CAE                 LTE-FDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 20 MHz, 16-QAM)                     -9.76

        10172                      CAG                 LTE-TDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 20 MHz, QPSK)                       -1.62

        10173                      CAG                 LTE-TDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 20 MHz, 16-QAM)                     -1.44

        10174                      CAG                 LTE-TDD (SC-FDMA, 1 RB, 20 MHz, 64-QAM)                     -1.54

        10061                      CAB                 IEEE 802.11b WiFi 2.4 GHz (DSSS, 11 Mbps)                   -2.02

        10077                      CAB                 IEEE 802.11g WiFi 2.4 GHz (DSSS/OFDM, 54 Mbps)               0.12

        10427                      AAB                 IEEE 802.11n (HT Greenfield, 150 Mbps, 64-QAM)              -13.44

        10069                      CAC                 IEEE 802.11a/h WiFi 5 GHz (OFDM, 54 Mbps)                   -3.15

        10616                      AAB                 IEEE 802.11ac WiFi (40MHz, MCS0, 90pc duty cycle)           -5.57

The Speag-reference documentation for supporting the pre-determined MIF value is Schmid & Partner Engineering
AG, UID SUMMARY (Communication Systems for Calibration, Issued Date 2018/09/25).

We confirm that the Speag simulation provided represents all the air interface modes applicable for a HAC rating
for this handset.
Sincerely Yours,

Rosario Casillo
Director Technology and Compliance
        HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets.
        Nokia is a registered trademark of the Nokia Corporation.

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