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  E] Electrolux

                            DTS—UNII Declaration Letter

                                                                                                          Date: January 17, 2019

We have declared below featured for FCC equipmentauthorization, Device FCC ID: ZAIBX—NIUSL

(1) DFS Device ——       [~] Master, [D] Client with Radar detection capability ,
                            Client without radar detection capability, [—]     N/A
(2) Active / Passive Scanning , adhoo mode access point capability
          Frequency        Active Scanning              Passive scanning               Ad Hoc Mode          Access point
         Band (MHz)        (the device can transmit     (where the device is can       capability           capability
                           a probe (beacon})            listen only with no probes}
        2400 — 2483.5         [] Yes, B No                  E4 Yes, [] No              [—] Yes,      No      [] Yes,        No
         5150 — 5850          [—] Yes,         No                Yes, [_] No           [] Yes,       No      [—] Yes,       No

(3) Country code selection ability — [_] Yes ,         No
    If no, pis explain how was implemented: it is configured from an external device
(4) Meet 15.202 requirement       —      Yes, [_] No ,
       pis check below :
       [—] A master device is defined as a device operating in a mode in which it has the capability to transmit without
           receiving an enabling signal. In this mode it is able to select a channel and initate a network by sending enabling
           signals to other devices

       [X] A client device is defined as a device operating in a mode in which the transmissions of the device are under
           control of the master. A device in client mode is not able to initiate a network.


Applicant                       : ELECTROLUX ITALIA S.p.A.
Address                         : Corso Lino Zanussi 24 Porcia Italy 33080


Name and Job Title.             : Pierluigi Tocc{ane, GTC Advanced Electronic Director
E—mail                          : pierluigi.toccane@electrolux.com
Tel.                            : 0039—0434—394967

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