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Federal Communications Commission
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046

Subject: Request for a Change in Identification per section §2.933 of the FCC rules


Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) hereby authorises Scuf Gaming Europe Ltd (“Scuf”), with FCC
Grantee Code 2AGLM, to market the following Microsoft products under Scuf’s own identification.

The original grants to Microsoft Corporation for these FCC IDs will remain in effect.

Product 1:
Original Identification: FCC ID: C3K1537
Original Grant Date: 07/25/2013
Class II Permissive Change: 10/18/2013
Product 2:
Original Identification: FCC ID: C3K1698
Original Grant Date: 07/06/2015
Product 3:
Original Identification: FCC ID: C3K1770
Original Grant Date: 11/13/2015
Product 4:
Original Identification: FCC ID: C3K1697
Original Grant Date: 05/15/2015
Product 5:
Original Identification: FCC ID: C3K1708
Original Grant Date: 06/13/2016

Microsoft reserves the right to revoke this authorisation upon written notice.

Signed on behalf of Microsoft:

Hasnain Syed
Sr. Director, EMC/SI & RF Compliance
Microsoft Corporation

                              Microsoft Corporation is an equal opportunity employer

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