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                                                                         7 February 2019
FAO: ACB Europe
Dear Michael

                    FCC Multiple listing of Gaming controller

Scuf Gaming wishes to have a multiple listing of Microsoft model 1708, FCC ID:
   • As per KDB 249634 the following supporting exhibits have been uploaded:
         o Form 731 complete with Grantee Code and FRN for the new grantee,
             Scuf Gaming
         o Signed letter from original grantee party including details of FCC IDs
             and dates of original grants. (please note this letter covers other
             variants not included within this application)
         o Photographs required by Sections 2.1033 (b)(7) or (c)(12) showing the
             exterior appearance of the equipment.
   • Furthermore, I confirm that there is no change in the design, circuitry, or
      construction, and the original test results continue to be representative of and
      applicable to the equipment

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Yours Faithfully

Charlie Blackham

                                   Sulis Consultants Limited
               Mead House, Longwater Road, Eversley, Hampshire, RG27 0NW, UK
                      Registered in England & Wales, number 05466247

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