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 Federal Communications Commission
 Authorization & Evaluation Division
 7345 Oakland Mills Road
 Columbia, Maryland 21046

                                Authority to Act as Agent

 On our behalf, I appoint Shenzhen STS Test Services Co., Ltd., 1/F., Building B, Zhuoke
 Science Park, No.190, Chongqing Road, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen,
 Guangdong,China (Name of Agent company name and address) to act as our agent in
 the preparation of this application for equipment certification. I certify that submitted
 documents properly describe the device or system for which equipment certification is
 sought. I also certify that each unit manufactured, imported or marketed, as defined in the
 Federal Communications Commission’s regulations will have affixed to it a label identical
 to that submitted for approval with this application.

 For instances where our authorized agent signs the application for certification on our
 behalf, I acknowledge that all responsibility for complying with the terms and conditions
 for certification, still resides with PB Inc 1269 120th Ave NE Bellevue Washington 98005
 United States (Applicant Name and address)


Name: Nick Franks
Title: CTO
Company: PB Inc

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