RF exposure info


RF Exposure Info

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RF Exposure

Applicable Standard
According to §1.1307(b)(5), systems operating under the provisions of this section shall be
operated in a manner that ensure that the public is not exposed to radio frequency energy level in
excess of the Commission’s guideline. This is a Portable device. The Section 4.3.1 and
Appendix A of KDB447498 D01 V05 was used as the guidance.

Calculation Result (Worse case)

GFSK Mode:
[(max. power of channel, including tune-up tolerance, mW)/(min. test separation distance, mm)] ꞏ
[√f(GHz)] =2.56/5 * 1.57= 0.80, this value is less than 3.0 for 1-g SAR and ≤ 7.5 for 10-g
extremity SAR.

The SAR measurement is not necessary.

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