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Federal Communications Commission
7345 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia MD 21046

Attention: Application Examiner / Review Engineer

Subject: Request for a Change in Identification per Section §2.933 of the FCC Rules

Reference: 2AFDGSA—PCAO13

To The Commission:

This change in identification request applies for a new FCC ID as established in
47 CFR 2.933(b) for a currently approved device.
This application by SUNVALLEYTEK INTERNATIONAL, INC. will establish a new
FCC ID under SUNVALLEYTEK INTERNATIONAL, INC. grantee code for the
purpose of marketing.
The original grant to Shenzhen Osto Technology Co., LTD. with FCC ID:
2A0G2AST—501        will remain in effect.

An authorization letter by Shenzhen Osto Technology Co., LTD. is attached.

Per 2.933(b)

   1.) The original identification is: FCC ID: 2A0G2AST—501
   2.) The original granted date is: 01/05/2018
   3.) The equipment is electrically identical.
   4.) The original test results are applicable and representative of this changed
   5.) External photographs incl. FCC ID label location info are included in this

The following files are electronically submitted as attachments:

— Cover Letter
— External Photos
=1D Lable and Location Info


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Name:          ___ Lion Liao
Title:            Manager
Date:          __Feb.08, 2018

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