17_E1504 AntSpec


Operational Description

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          Shenzhen ImagineVision Technology Limited

                          Declaration concerning Antenna Specification

It is hereby declared that the product

         Model No.: E1504
         FCC ID: 2AENNE2C

fulfills the requirement in FCC test relating to the antenna type.

The device specified above confirms to the FCC recommendations for internal antenna type(s)
described below:

         Model No. of antenna: N/A
         Type of antenna:      Monopole antenna

         Gain of the antenna:   2 dBi
         Frequency range:       2412-2462 MHz

The mounting of the antenna is fixed to the radio module and no other antenna should be used.

Company name:        Shenzhen ImagineVision Technology Limited
Address:             1A, Block F5, TCL International E City, 1001 Zhong Shan Park Road, Nan
City:                Shenzhen
ZIP / Postal code: 510530
Country:           China

Place:               Guangzhou                  Date: 2019-05-31



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