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Aug. 15, 2018

To whom it may concern,
                                     Declarations – Parent Unit

                                        FCC ID: 2AEFK-SCD730H
                                          IC: 20823-SCD730H

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that

1. The device does not use the provisions of 47CFR 15.323 (c) (6), random waiting mechanism is
   not used in this system.

2. The provisions of 47CFR 15.323 (c) (10) and 47CFR 15.323 (c) (11) are not used to extend the
   range of spectrum occupied over space or time for the purpose of denying fair access to
   spectrum to other devices.

3. Only the Parent unit will act as the initiating device, which will initiate the establishment of the
   duplex connection.

4. The device complies with the provisions of 47CFR 15.319(f). The device shall automatically
      discontinue transmission in case of either absence of information to transmit or operational
      failure. These provisions are not intended to preclude transmission of control and signaling
      information or use of repetitive codes used by certain digital technologies to complete frame or
      burst intervals. The following table explains the reaction of device in case of either absence of
      information to transmit or operational failure after a connection of its companion device is

         Circumstances                                                    Reaction of Parent unit
  1      Switch-off companion device                                                A
  2      On hook by companion device                                               NA
  3      Remove power from companion device                                         A
  4      Switch-off device                                                          C
  5      On hook device                                                            NA
  6      Remove power from device                                                   C
 A       –   Connection is terminated and, transmission ceases.
 B       –   Connection is terminated but device transmits control or signaling information.
 C       –   Connection is terminated but companion device transmits control or signaling information.
 NA      –   Not applicable represents the device does not contain a hook switch or a power off switch.

5. ML of Parent Unit declared by manufacturer are 30 dBm.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact the undersigned.


Dr Ian Craig
SCR Manager

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