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Federal Communications Commission
7435 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21046

Subject: Request for Temporary Confidentiality

To whom it may concern:

In accordance with 47CFR Section 0.457 and Section 0.459, FCC Public Notice DA04-
1705 and KDB Publication 726920 pertaining to confidential material, we hereby
request to hold temporarily confidential all information contained within the below
identified exhibits/document categories submitted pursuant to radio equipment
certification requirements for FCC ID: 2ADZNHX96 until this date: 11/15/2019
(Maximum is 180 days from the date of certification).

   1.   External Photos
   2.   Internal Photos
   3.   Test Setup Photos
   4.   User’s Manual

The above material contains trade secrets and proprietary information as specified by
47CFR 0.457(d) and technical data, which would customarily be guarded from
competitors. Pre-marketing public disclosure of this information might be harmful to our
company and provide unjustified benefits to our competitors.

We understand that upon public certification listing in the FCC equipment authorization
system, importation and distribution of the product(s) attached to this certification are
permitted. We hereby acknowledge that the product may not be marketed (e.g.
advertised, sold, leased or offered for sale or lease) until the short term confidentiality
period has ended.


Susan Wray, DDS, JD
Sr. Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Mobile: 425-375-3444
Email: susan.wray@philips.com

             Philips Oral Healthcare- 22100 Bothell Everett Hwy. Bothell, WA 98021 USA

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