MBI-B48_Exhibit-3_r2 Attestation Statement


Attestation Statements

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APPLICANT: Nokia Solutions and Networks, OY          -14 -                    FCC ID: 2AD8UFW2QADPM01

                          EXHIBIT 3 FCC REQUIRED INFORMATION

The following information is presented in the content and format requested by the FCC:
Section 2.1033 (c)(1):
The full name and mailing address of the manufacturer of the device and the applicant for certification.
                Manufacturer:                      Nokia Solutions and Networks, OY
                                                   2000 Lucent Lane
                                                   Naperville, Illinois    60563
                                                   Attention: Terry P. Schwenk

                Applicant:                         Nokia Solutions and Networks, OY
                                                   2000 Lucent Lane
                                                   Naperville, Illinois    60563
                                                   Attention: Terry P. Schwenk
                                                   Phone: (847) 809-6952
                                                   email: terry.schwenk@nokia.com
Nokia will be the manufacturer of this product. This product will only be marketed under the Nokia

Section 2.1033(c)(2): FCC Identifier: 2AD8UFW2QADPM01

Section 2.1033(c)(4): Type or Types of Emission:
   Nominal 10 MHz QPSK as 8M96G7D,          Nominal 10 MHz 16QAM, 64QAM & 256QAM as 8M98D7W,
   Nominal 15 MHz QPSK as 13M5G7D,          Nominal 15 MHz 16QAM, 64 QAM & 256QAM as 13M5D7W,
   Nominal 20 MHz QPSK as 17M9G7D,          Nominal 20 MHz 16 QAM, 64 QAM & 256QAM as 17M9D7W,
The above designators are requested for authorization of nominal 10, 15 and 20 MHz bandwidth LTE‐TDD

Section 2.1033(c)(5): Frequency Range           Transmit/ Receive:      3550‐3700 MHz

Section 2.1033(c)(7): Maximum Power Rating
The Total maximum rated output EIRP available via the two transmit antenna is:
                       0.750 Watts EIRP for the nominal 10 MHz Emissions Bandwidth
                       1.125 Watts EIRP for the nominal 15 MHz Emissions Bandwidth
                       1.500 Watts EIRP for the nominal 20 MHz Emissions Bandwidth
This is based on the maximum internal antenna gain of 6.36 dBi per antenna.

Section 2.1033(c)(6): Range of operating power values or specific operating power levels, and description of
any means provided for variation of operating power.
        The carrier output power level is adjustable digitally and these features are controlled by software.
        The nominal transmit output power for each Tx path is adjusted via digital commands and limited to
        the maximum authorized EIRP as allocated by the Spectrum Access System (SAS). The translations
        are settable over a range of 7 dB.

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