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                                   SES-Imagotag GmbH wants to get FCC-Certification for the following product:
                                   digital network device EDG2-0270-A.
                                   The unit will get the following FCC-ID: 2ACQM-EDG2-0270-A

                                   List of documents:
                                      Exhibit           Thema                                    File
                                   Exhibit 01   Label and placement     VUSION_27_NEW.pdf
                                   Exhibit 02   Not needed              --------------------
                                   Exhibit 03   External Photos         extern_FG19-134.pdf
                                   * Exhibit 04 Block Diagrams          Blockdiagramm_EDG2-0270-A.pdf
                                   * Exhibit 05 Schematic Diagrams      RFRTx015G00A_Schematics_v1.0.pdf
                                   Exhibit 06   Testreport              FG19-134.pdf
                                   Exhibit 07   Test Set-up Photos      SETUP_FG19-134.pdf
                                   Exhibit 08   User Manual             it_quick-start-guide_en.pdf
                                   Exhibit 09   Internal Photos         intern_FG19-134.pdf
                                   Exhibit 10   Informations            --------------------
                                   Exhibit 11   RF exposure             --------------------
                                   * Exhibit 12 Operational             FCC Protocol Timing Specification.pdf
                                                Description             Declaration_RED_YELLOW_radio_certification_equal
                                   Exhibit 13   Cover letter            This file

                                                Request for             Confidentiality Request_FCC_EDG1-0740-A_EDG2-
                                                confidentiality         0270-A.pdf

                                   For the Exhibits marked with ‘*’ SES-imagotag GmbH requested Confidentiality according to 47
                                   CFR 0.457 and 0.459 of the FCC rules because these are sensitive parts owned by this
                                   company and include much of Know-How or sensitive data, it will not be provided to the public.

                                   The labelling on some photos may be not the actual status. The correct labelling you can see on
                                   the label photo in Exhibit 1.
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