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                                             Antenna info

      Antenna description:

The antenna is shaped in a rectangular form and used in a monopole arrangement. The antenna is
permanently attached to the device and it does not use a reverse polarity connector.

Antenna design:

Frequency 319.508 MHz

Length 4.6 inches

Capacitance 15.42 pF

Inductance 29.65 nH

Quarter Wavelength 0.0185 m

Antenna Length 83.10 %

Radiation Resistance 0.53 Ohms

Tolal Field                                 EZNEC Demo

                                                319.508 MHz
Aciun Pot                             Cusorne     rorowep
Bevatenange   009                     Gan         P20
OuerRng       ssen                                ~1292abnax
Sio xGan.     25y efi @Azinge= 17 ts
Fonmack       mss
Bumum         mesis: on ecrenmans
Sdrene Gan    asp t @Azinge= 220 ts
Fromsasote    00c@

Tofal Field                                       EZNEC Demo

                                                      319.508 Mz
                                            Cuseraz    coves
Bententage     530 0o                       Gan        araber
OuerRing       Argret                                  00 #Brax
     wox Gan    t7atref@Acangle=00de9
   omcs        roeres
Beamuiin       readadep:—2:8 @2000,040 ts
Sdeone Gan     <—1000
Frentseone.    > toous

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